Fet’s Biography

Fet’s Biography

Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet – a famous Russian poet with German roots, translator, lyricist, author of memoirs. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg.

Early years

The future poet was born on November 23, 1820 in with. New settlers of Mtsensk district of Oryol province.

Being the son of Charlotte-Elizabeth Becker, who left Germany in 1820, Athanasius was adopted by the nobleman Shenshin. After 14 years in the biography of Athanasius Fet an unpleasant event occurred: an error was found in the birth record, which deprived him of the title.


In 1837, Fet graduated from the private boarding house Krummerm in the city of Verro. In 1838 he entered the Moscow University at the Faculty of Philosophy, continuing to be

fond of literature. He graduated from the University in 1844.

The work of the poet

In a brief biography of Fet, it should be noted that the first poems were written by him in his youth. Poetry Fet was first published in the collection “Lyrical Pantheon” in 1840. Since then, Fet’s poems are constantly printed in magazines.

In an effort to restore to himself the noble title in every possible way, Athanasius Fet went to serve as a non-commissioned officer. Then in 1853 in the life of Fet there was a transition to the Guards regiment. Creativity Fet even in those days does not stand still. In 1850 his second collection was published, in 1856 – the third.

In 1857, the poet marries Maria Botkin. Having retired in 1858, and not having achieved the return of the title, acquires land, devotes himself to the management of the economy.

New works of Fet, published from 1862 to 1871, are cycles “From the village”, “Notes on free labor”. They include novels, stories, essays. Athanasius Afanasievich Fet strictly differentiates his prose and poetry. Poetry for him is romantic, and prose is realistic.

Nikolai Nekrasov wrote about Fet: “A man who understands poetry and willingly opens his soul to her sensations, in no Russian author, after Pushkin, will get

as much poetic pleasure as Mr. Fet will give him.”

A. A. Fet is the author of wonderful poems for children. Their popularity among young readers is due to the poet’s poems being kind and surprisingly understandable even by the smallest.

Last years of life

In 1873 Athanasius Fet was returned to the rank, as well as the surname Shenshin. After that, the poet is engaged in charity. At this stage, Afanasy Fet’s poems are published in the collections “Evening Lights”, which from 1883 to 1891 published four issues. Poetry Fet contains mainly two themes: nature, love.

Death overtook the poet November 21, 1892 in Moscow in his house on Plyushchikha. Fet died of a heart attack. Athanasius Afanasyevich was buried in the family estate of the Shenshins in the village. Kleimenovo Orel gubernia.

Interesting Facts
    In addition to writing poems Fet until his old age was engaged in translations. He owns translations of both parts of Goethe’s Faust. He even planned to translate Immanuel Kant’s book Critique of Pure Reason, but abandoned this idea and undertook the translation of Arthur Schopenhauer’s works. The poet survived a tragic love for Maria Lazic – a fan of his work. This girl was educated and very talented. Their feelings were mutual, but the pair failed to connect their destinies. Maria died, and the poet remembered all his life his unhappy love, which influenced his work. It was to him that he dedicated the poem “Talisman”, the poem “Old letters”, “You suffered, I still suffer…”, “No, I did not change.” To old age deep… “and other poems. Some researchers of Fet’s life believe, that the death of the poet from a heart attack was preceded by an attempt at suicide. It was Fet author of the famous phrase, which was included in the “Adventures of Pinocchio” by AN Tolstoy – “A rose fell on the paw of Azora.”

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Fet’s Biography