Painting Komarov “Flood”

Alexei Komarov is a talented animal painter (that is, an artist depicting animals). To draw animals, you need a lot to know not only about their appearance, but also about habits, features. All this knowledge helped Komarov create vivid and expressive canvases – such as “Flood”.

This is a whole colorful story about a hare that got into trouble. Early spring. The warm sun melt the snow and ice, and a flood began. The water in the river began to rise higher, filling the meadows first. then – small bushes, and then the lower branches of trees. Badly had forest residents. All of them, leaving their habitual burrows and other shelters, rushed to save themselves on the hill or to other places inaccessible to flooding. The bunny, in fear, climbed a thick, knotted branch of some big tree. He hid there, huddled against the rough crust and froze. In his large eyes, we see obvious fright, panic. Hare ears are raised cautiously.

Probably, he now and then leads

them, listening to different sounds. The animal looks down at the cold and cloudy spring water, which came very close to its branch. What should a poor hare do if it rises even higher and drowns the saving branch? Long-eared threatens and one more trouble: hungry death. If the flood does not subside in the near future, the hare will have nothing to eat.

So you want to come up with the continuation of this picture and a happy ending: foresters on the boat rescue the animals that have got into trouble. They saw the hare, took it with them, and then released in a safe place. He joyfully and quickly rode away into the forest.

A. Komarov shows how harsh natural laws are and how much the living world needs the careful attitude of people, and sometimes – in their immediate assistance. In addition, here it is well shown not only the situation in which the hare got hit, but also his portrait. This small, cowardly, but quick-witted animal appeared before us as if alive.

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Painting Komarov “Flood”