Painting Dali “Towers”

Painting Dali “Towers”

. Before writing the painting, Brueghel visited Rome, which explains the similarity of the tower to the Colosseum, built according to the principle of order superposition, when each new floor is built in a new style.

In the picture we see that the seven floors of the Tower are already erected. Below, small as ants, workers bustle about. The building is surrounded by cranes, building barracks, stairs and forests. Funny, but Bruegel finds another reason for the destruction of the Tower, rather than the one that was described in the original source. It can be easily seen that the structure tilted slightly toward the adjacent city. Tiers are laid very unevenly, and with each new floor the building bends more and more.

In places, cracks appear in the walls, the tower collapses before

the eyes and its fall is a matter of time. In principle, morality is caught even in this. Everything earthly is perishable, and any undertakings sooner or later will be covered with the ashes of time. The attempt of mere mortals to compare with God is put out here ridiculous. He is the Lord – a skillful creator, while builders are not able to build a reliable building, which is why the very beginning is doomed at the very beginning.

However, at the same time, the scale is visible. Huge construction, which employs hundreds of workers. In the foreground, masons are polishing granite blocks, which will now be used to erect walls. Immediately we see a large figure of Nimrod. Legendary conqueror is traditionally considered the leader of construction and, apparently, watching the process, gives orders to the people surrounding him.

An interesting analogy is seen in the landscape. The fact is that the busy port and the city look very much like another city – Antwerp. In the 16th century it was a multilingual city in which there was no one faith, and all the inhabitants of the city felt uneasy, due to frequent clashes on religious and national grounds. It’s like in ancient Babylon.

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Painting Dali “Towers”