Painting by Van Gogh “View of Arles with irises”

The quiet provincial life of Arles allowed Van Gogh to devote as much time as possible to painting. All that was around was so pleasing to the eye that it was not difficult for the artist to find an excuse for creativity. This meadow with flowers was struck by a contrasting combination of yellow buttercups and lilac irises. To his sister Vil Vincent wrote that this place reminded him of something Japan.

Straight multicolored strips of contrasting colors make the picture geometrically clear. Van Gogh has built a composition of the landscape so that almost all the space of the canvas is covered with earth, overgrown with flowers. The thin stripe of the blue sky is written out with fast, swift strokes.

On the horizon are visible city buildings, which can be seen on other canvases of Van Gogh of this period. The distant plan with squat trees is written in light bluish tones, this makes it insignificant and to shift attention to a bright carpet of flowers covering the wide meadow.

Van Gogh writes a broad space with a shallow brush to emphasize the infinite number of colorful colors that cover the earth. A smooth strip of lilac irises, attracting attention with its colorfulness, is written even more carefully. The author paid attention to each petal and leaf, circling the details with a thin contour.

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Painting by Van Gogh “View of Arles with irises”