Painting by Shirokov “Friends”

Russian painter Evgeny Nikolaevich Shirokov created many expressive and recognizable images of people. One of these images we see in his picture “Friends.” It shows a boy and his faithful friend – a dog. Their figures are in the very center of the canvas, they are both equally important for understanding the plot (this is confirmed by the name of this picture).

Dark-haired boy in a blue T-shirt and gray trousers for ten years. He sits right on the floor, near his dog, in a thoughtful and sad pose. One boy’s hand lies on the back of the dog. He strokes his pet for soft wool. Black with white paws dog, probably very smart (it can be seen from his eyes). He loves his small master and feels his mood well. Now he is sad with the boy, completely sharing the feelings of a friend. The animal sympathizes with the person, sharing with him all the experiences.

Most likely, the boy was upset by something-maybe it was troubles at school, or he quarreled with

a friend, or his mother scolded him. The child looks down and looks at the floor. Probably, at this moment he really wants to cry, but he struggles to restrain himself. He complains to his dog, and he perfectly understands the owner, silently expresses his sympathy and support.

Answer the dog, unfortunately, can not, but it expresses all its emotions pose. A faithful four-legged friend lies sadly beside the boy, listening attentively to him. The dog pressed one ear to the head, and the second one is elevated. She struggles to understand the intonation of human speech, trying to understand them better.

It is quite clear to the spectators that a very warm and tender relationship has developed between these old friends. Perhaps the boy often trusts the dog with his secrets, plans, joys and experiences. The heroes of EN Shirokov’s painting are, most likely, very kind, fervent and funny, but now they sit quietly together and are sad. This friendship evokes a sense of respect and warmth. Not everyone has such a faithful friend!

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Painting by Shirokov “Friends”