Bylina “Dobrynya and Marinka” in the summary

Efimia Alexandrovna conjures her son: when he goes to walk around Kiev, to avoid the alley on which the Queen’s son Marina Kaidalievna lives. She has already enticed a lot of noble and simple people with her magic charms and killed them all mercilessly. On her account destroyed nine Russian heroes, and Dobrynya can expect the same fate.

Walking around the city, Dobrynia at first really eschews the forbidden place. But a gently pigging pigeon falls into his eyes. Dobrynya feels that these are not real pigeons, but obsessions of evil forces. He does not hesitate to shoot a pigeon in a pigeon. But the arrow flies past the target and falls into the oblique window of the high tower. This was the window of Marina Kaidalievna, a cunning charmer.

Dobrynya, not hesitating, goes straight to this tower – to take her arrow. When he appears before the hostess, he hears sugar affable speeches: “Oh, you darling, Dobrynya son Nikitinich! / Do, Dobrynyushka, love me!”


hero does not lend himself to seduction, and with dignity he answers Marina, that he is not “a sweetheart” to her, turns and leaves on a wide courtyard. Marinushka launches her sorcery spell: “And it strikes here the tracks and Dobryniny, / Sniffed here on the stove in the muravlenu / And she says to the footprints: / Burn you, the tracks and Dobryniny / In that in the stove in the moused. / Gori-ko in Dobrynyshka for me the soul! “

Witchcraft works. Dobrynya returned to the room, bowed to the insidious beauty and agreed to “make love to her.” But Marina decides to take revenge on Dobryna, turns it into a gilded tour and lets out in a clean field. The tour rushes forward, producing a terrible ruin around. He tramples first flocks of peacefully grazing geese, then swans, then sheep and cows, finally, destroys the herd of horses. The possessions, by which he sweeps, belong to Dobrynin’s native aunt wise Avdotya Ivanovna. Each time after another disaster with the bird and cattle entrusted to them, the shepherds come to Avdotya Ivanovna with a complaint about

a terrible and powerful tour. Avdotya Ivanovna realizes the truth and sadly admits that this is not a tour, but her beloved nephew, enchanted by the witch Marina. Avdotya Ivanovna decides to counter her evil spells with her good ones.

She turns around forty and flies to the witch, which she reproaches in tricks, and then asks to return Dobryne the former heroic appearance. Otherwise, my aunt threatens Marina, too, to wrap her forties, which she immediately executes.

Marina-magpie flies into the field, finds a gold-gold tour there and sits down on his horns, whispering: if Dobrynya agrees to go with her, Marina, under the crown, she will return him a human face. Dobrynya, who realized that he became the prey of a witch, decides to cheat. He gives her a promise to marry: “I will make a great commandment, I will take with you, Marina, a crown of gold.”

The witch turns him into a hero again, and becomes a virgin herself. They are to Prince Vladimir asking for a blessing. A rich wedding is being started. Dobrynya gives a secret order before the feast: “Aha, my servants are faithful! / I will ask you for the same charm of green wine, / You serve me swiftly before the sword.”

When the hero remains alone with Marina, she again takes up witchcraft. At first the witch wraps Dobrynya with ermine, then with a falcon, forcing to break claws and wings and amusing over his impotence. Exhausted Dobrynya-sokolik appeals to Marina with a request to give him rest and allow him to drink a glass. Marina turns him into the good of a young man, without expecting any trick. Dobrynya immediately calls the servants and pronounces a conditional phrase. Servants “after a while” give him a sharp sword, and the hero, not short, brings the witch head – for her “unbearable” actions.

The next morning, rested after a hot bath Dobrynya Nikitich sits at the porch. Passing by neighbors, princes and boyars, congratulate him on his marriage and hear the answer in all honesty: “I’ve been married for a while, brothers, not single, / And now I’ve become single, unmarried, unmarried.” I cut off Marina’s disreputable head / Behind the Eynon was acts unbearable. “

The people around do not hide their joy at this outcome. All vying with gratitude thank the hero who rescued the city from the evil and insidious sorceress who, in addition to the kings with the princes and princes with the prince, also deceived nine more glorious Russian warriors. Not to mention the numerous victims of a simple “narodushka and blackheads!”

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Bylina “Dobrynya and Marinka” in the summary