Painting by Satarov “Frost”

I woke up pretty early. The house was warm, the sun was shining. I ran to the window and stopped, amazed at how the land changed. Last night, a snowstorm howled, she burst and rushed as if she wanted to destroy the house to the ground, tear out the trees. Under her howl I somehow fell asleep. It all seemed to me that the wind was about to rip off the roof. For some reason, Elli remembered from Volkov’s tale “The Wizard of the Emerald City.”

And now there was no trace of the blizzard. The snow lies on an even carpet. It sparkles and sparkles. I came to my mind with a line from the poem of Alexander Pushkin: “Frost and the sun, a wonderful day!” The blue sky shines with its purity. It was as if they had washed it. Snow, like fluff or soft carpet. I want to sink to it and feel the airy softness. And still the snow reminds millions of precious stones, which someone scattered by imprudence, and they now sparkle in the rays of the bright winter sun.


splendor of the winter landscape is complemented by trees. After the snowstorm they are dressed in fluffy fur garments. Each branch of a birch in the distance sparkles with all colors of a rainbow. Hoarfrost covers every bush. And in the distance there is a forest. He alone turns black among the boundless whiteness. I look at this picture, and I have the feeling that, many years ago, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was standing on this very place looking at this window and writing his wonderful lines:

Under the blue skies Magnificent carpets, Shining in the sun, the snow lies; Transparent forest one blackens, And the spruce grows green through the frost, And the river under the ice shines.

And on the road they go sledges. Guys drive horses. Frosty. They want to get home as quickly as possible. Perhaps they spent the whole night waiting for the blizzard. And as soon as it became clear, and the road became visible, they started on their journey. The horses cheerfully run. They feel a close rest, a satisfying food.

And I wanted to take skates and run to the river. Slide on the ice, admire the splendor of the winter landscape. And you can take a sled and run with friends on the hill. When you roll from the mountain, the frost burns your cheeks and nose. But you do not pay attention to him at all. From a quick ride is breathtaking. And it’s so easy and fun on the soul. Just want to exclaim: “What a beauty, how cool around!”

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Painting by Satarov “Frost”