The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “Only Begotten Son The Word of God”

Repeatedly VM Vasnetsov resorted to religious themes in his works. The painting “Only Begotten Son The Word of God” is presented in the form of a fresco in the Vladimir Cathedral. This work is devoted to the concept of “freedom”.

On the central part of it, the artist painted Jesus Christ in youth. He is dressed in white robes, from the image comes freshness and grace. All this points to divinity. Despite the fact that his body is not yet strong enough, the facial expression, on the contrary, personifies spirituality and morality. This is especially evident if we pay attention to the contrast of the image, soul and body. He knows about destiny destined for him and is ready to accept it.

In the hands of Jesus there is a large cross in its entire length and an unfolded scroll. He is portrayed as calm, but extremely serious. His eyes are not looking at the viewer, his gaze is turned aside. This is the difference from icons. Around his figure the author portrayed flying. angels from heaven, beasts and birds in the clouds. They all bowed their heads to Christ. Each of them has a halo on his head. All of them represent hope and look at Jesus with love. They are depicted with wings, even those that do not have them in reality.

The picture is imbued with the idea of ​​the victory of Jesus Christ over the imminent death. Following him, everyone can accept this inevitability. Mostly in the work on the painting the author used white and blue tones – a symbol of purity, faith, hope, spirituality. And the blue tone, he used a variety of shades – from the color of the sea wave, to blue. Near to Jesus are depicted clouds of very unusual shades of blue. In addition to the halo over Jesus, the author showed behind him a white circle, as an image of the sun, light, the salvation of the world. The main storyline is shown in the foreground, and the background is only a complement to the divine image.

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The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “Only Begotten Son The Word of God”