“Cut” Shukshin in summary

To the old woman Agafya Zhuravleva, the son Konstantin Ivanovich arrived. With his wife and daughter. To visit, relax. I drove in a taxi, and they dragged suitcases out of the trunk for a long time with their family. By the evening in the village they learned the details: he himself is a candidate, the wife is also a candidate, and the daughter is a schoolgirl.

In the evening, at Gleb Kapustin, men gathered at the porch. Somehow it turned out that a lot of people left their village – the colonel, two pilots, a doctor, a correspondent. And so it was that when the nobles came to the village and the people crowded in the hut in the evening, Gleb Kapustin came and cut off the distinguished guest. And now the candidate Zhuravlev came…

Gleb went out to the men on the porch, asked: “Did the guests visit Agafia’s grandmother?” “Candidates!” – “Candidates?” Gleb said in surprise, “Well, let’s see the candidates.”

It turned out that the men are leading Gleb, as an experienced fist fighter.

Candidate Konstantin Ivanovich greeted the guests joyfully, clamoring around the table. Have dispersed. The conversation went more amicably, they began to forget about Gleb Kapustin… And then he pounced on the candidate.

– In which area do you identify yourself? Philosophy?

-You can say so

-How is philosophy now defining the concept of weightlessness?

-Why now?

-But the phenomenon was discovered recently. Natural philosophy will define it this way, strategic philosophy is completely different…

“Yes, there is no such philosophy – strategic,” the candidate became agitated. – What are you talking about?

“Yes, but there is a dialectic of nature,” calmly, with general attention Gleb continued. – And nature determines the philosophy. So I ask, is there any confusion among the philosophers?

The candidate genuinely laughed. But one of them laughed and felt uncomfortable. He called his wife: “Valya, here we have

some strange conversation!”

-Good, – continued Gleb, – and how do you feel about the problem of shamanism?

-Yes, there’s no such problem! the candidate crashed again.

Now Gleb laughed.

“Well, there’s no trial.” There is no problem, but these… dance, ring bells. Yes? But with the same la-nii, they do not seem to exist. That’s right… One more question: how do you feel about the fact that the Moon is also the work of the mind. That it has intelligent beings.

-So what? the candidate asked.

-And where are your calculations of natural trajectories? How can your space science here be applied?

-Who are you asking?

-You, thinkers. We are not thinkers, we do not have the same salary. But if you are interested, I can share. I would suggest that we draw a diagram of our solar system on the sand, show where we are. And then show by what laws, let’s say, I developed.

-interesting, for which? asked the candidate with irony and looked significantly at his wife. This he did in vain, because a significant look was intercepted. Gleb soared up and from there hit the candidate:

– You invite your wife to laugh. Only, maybe, at first we will learn to read at least newspapers. Candidates are also useful…

-Listen, listen!

-Yes, no, they listened. Had, so to speak, pleasure. So let me tell you, Mr. Candidate, that the candidacy is not the costume that I bought – and once and for all. And even the costume must be cleaned from time to time. And even the candidacy, the more… it is necessary to support.

It was embarrassing to look at the candidate, he was clearly confused. The muzhiks looked away.

“Of course, we can surprise, drive to the house by taxi, pull out five suitcases from the trunk… But… if you come to this people, then you have to be prepared. Assembling. Modest.

-What is our indiscretion? – the wife of the candidate could not stand it.

-But when you’re alone, think carefully. Bye. It’s nice to have a vacation… among the people!

Gleb grinned and went slowly out of the hut. He did not hear how then the peasants, diverging from the candidate, said: “He drew him! .. Dishy, ​​dog.” How did he know about the moon? .. Cut. ” In the voice of the peasants, even as if pity for the candidates, sympathy. Gleb same Kapustin still surprised. He was amazing. I even admired him. Though there was no love here. Gleb is cruel, but no one has ever hated cruelty anywhere else.

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“Cut” Shukshin in summary