The composition of Gauguin’s painting “Bathers”

Paul Gauguin’s painting “Bathers” is on the list of the most expensive paintings in the world. In 2005, a buyer who chose to remain anonymous bought it at an auction for $ 55 million.

According to many researchers of Gauguin’s works, the artist finally found his style thanks to the move to Tahiti. The impact on the artist of a new, unrecognized culture, the impression of an exotic society, and gave rise to the Tahitian cycle of paintings in the artist’s work, characterized primarily by the tendency for a decorative component of color and the stressed expression of each line and silhouette, which is rightly considered the apotheosis of Paul Gauguin’s work.

In the painting, he portrayed Tahitians as bathers, and most importantly stressed their freedom, independence and beauty, whose life goes in tandem with the unique and inspiring nature of the island of Tahiti. The canvas itself is represented in festive colors, likened to a bright decorative panel, and the motifs resemble the outlines of Egyptian, Greek and Javanese cultures.

Gauguin portrayed Tahitian bathing girls in a purely his manner, his style: deliberately flat figures with a border on the contour and a color scheme, sounding in an independent flat dimension.

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The composition of Gauguin’s painting “Bathers”