Opposition of Good and Evil

Opposition of Good and Evil

Mercy. Opposition of Good and Evil

The opposition of good and evil is the problem over which E. Sikirich reflects.

The author, pondering over the question of the struggle between good and evil in the soul of every person, gives an example in the parable of two wolves personifying these human qualities. E. Sikirich says that each of us chooses what kind of “wolf” in himself he will “feed”, but it is necessary to remember the warning of the psychologist: “Always wins the wolf that you feed”.

E. Sikirich believes that in each of us good and evil struggle. And the person facing the choice, it is necessary to remember that you can not give up in the fight against evil.

I fully agree with the author’s opinion: the person himself

chooses which way to go, how not to surrender in the fight against the greedy wolf. I will give examples.

Evil, according to Bulgakov, the author of the novel “Master and Margarita”, is not concluded in power, not in government, not in this or that social system, but in people. in that they are morally weak, insignificant, cowardly. How to overcome evil and establish the kingdom of good? To do this, in the author’s opinion, it is necessary to establish in society the triumph of the principle of justice, that is, the inevitability of exposing and punishing non-professionalism, dishonesty, meanness, lies. But the final good can only bring love and mercy to the world. It is they who are called upon to put MA Bulgakov in the basis of human relations and social order.

V. Tendryakov in the story “The Court” tells how a hunter Teterin, a man of courage, commits a moral betrayal. He destroys the only evidence that indicates that the accidental killing on the hunt was committed by a major chief, Dudyrev, and not by the medical assistant Mityagin. The struggle of good and evil in the soul of this man led to the fact that the evil prevailed, the hunter trembled, did not tell the truth, thereby condemning himself to the torments of his own conscience.

Thus, the “eternal” question of the struggle between good and evil remains topical in our days.

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Opposition of Good and Evil