My peer

My peer

I do not know anything better, more difficult,

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M. Gorky

The state is us, the Ukrainian people, therefore our country is called democratic: from the Greek “demos” – people. Young people, my peers, are that part of the people whose shoulders will soon be taken care of the future of the state. What are we now?

We were lucky: we started to study in independent Ukraine. Our life experiences developed already in the days of freedom. We know the cruelty of the communist regime from the stories of grandfathers, fathers and teachers, from books and movies. We did not starve, did not know the fear of power, before its ruthlessness. We lived, we live and, I hope, we will live without experiencing the horrors of war.

Recently, Ukrainian sociologists conducted a study and on its basis created a portrait of the modern young generation. Conclusions of scientists are more pleasing than disappointing. Judge for yourself.

Modern youth is more practical and independent in making decisions. My peers, it turns out, rely more on their own strengths than on state aid. The young people today are eager to learn, to obtain a profession and qualifications that will enable them to feel confident in life. The past has become such a phenomenon as the desire to earn, performing any unskilled work. Gone are the past and the minimum competitions in most universities or the complete absence of competitions, even shortages.


the situation has changed. My peers, like me, aspire not only to study, to obtaining knowledge and specialty, but to self-development and self-realization. They perfectly understood that it is necessary to become high professionals in the chosen industry. So the competition in universities and technical schools has grown, all the numerous courses on studying foreign languages, computer training courses are filled to capacity. Whether you are a doctor or an economist, a teacher or a businessman, a highly qualified worker or builder, a knowledge of a foreign language and the ability to use a computer will only raise your level of qualification and your rating on the labor market. The times of amateurs are gone forever. The cathedral of modern civilization will be erected and retained by Professionals with a capital letter. That’s where this desire for study from us, young people.

There are in the conclusions of sociologists and that which afflicts. There is a crisis of ideals, lack of spiritual values, low political level and low cultural demands. Something, I think, sociologists are right. But not in everything. The level of political interests, the presence or absence of ideals, spiritual values ​​can be determined, But the level of cultural inquiries… What is the benchmark, the yardstick? If the level of cultural needs of my peers is measured by knowledge and love of the classics, then, of course, it is low. Maybe, the young ones have not yet grown to classics? Has anyone thought that it is impossible to understand Anna Karenina’s tragedy deeply in 16 years? And it’s unclear how to fall in love? We are also offered to study L. Tolstoy, F. Dostoyevsky and other great classics in the tenth grade! My mom said, that she understood the depth of Tolstoy’s novel about Karenina only at 24, when she already had me. So, maybe not to judge severely young for the imperfection of their cultural requests?

The tendency to acquire knowledge, which turned out to be the main one in sociological conclusions about contemporary youth, will lead us, I hope, to high professionalism. And people who know their business deeply can not help but have high ideals and spiritual values, they can not have primitive demands and political passivity.

My peer