My Kazakhstan

There are many nations and countries on earth. Each corner is special and beautiful in its own way. And my Motherland is Kazakhstan! And I dedicate these words to him.

Independence Kazakhstan has received relatively recently – just 25 years ago. But his story began long before that. Many centuries ago, along the boundless expanses of our country, like ships on the sea, caravans of nomads swam. They moved from place to place in search of better lands. And everywhere there was only steppe and steppe… It was not easy for the ancestors of modern Kazakhs. Many efforts had to be made to create blossoming cities and villages on the dry land covered with shrubbery. But the land did not remain in debt. She opened her bowels and gave people gold, oil, coal, zinc, iron and many other treasures.
Kazakhstan grew and grew. Today is a beautiful country, which is the ninth in the world in terms of area. And it is inhabited by only 15 million people, so that every resident breathes

freely and spaciously.

Kazakhstan is a hospitable state. At different times people from other countries came here. Someone went on earnings, someone escaped from hunger, someone just wanted to settle here. And in the end, Kazakhstan became multinational. Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Uzbeks, Kirghiz and other peoples joined together in a united and friendly nation. It does not matter what language you speak – it is important that you love your Motherland and take care of it.

As well as the inhabitants, the nature of Kazakhstan is also diverse. There are steppes and mountains, rivers and lakes, arid deserts and seas. My country is washed by two seas – Aral and Caspian. Many come to us to rest from afar. The climate in some parts of the country is really harsh, and in some – very mild.

The real pride of Kazakhstan is Baikonur – a platform from which rockets are sent into space. And we are proud of our brave ancestors, beautiful and slightly sad songs of akyns, beautiful nature and, of course, our famous countrymen. These are writers and poets Mukhtar Auezov, Abai Kunanbaev, Dzhambul Jabaev; enlightener Chokan Valikhanov; singer Roza Rymbaeva; twice Hero of the Soviet Union Talgat Begeldinov and many other people who are known not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad.

I love my Motherland – Kazakhstan, and I will always love her. And to love means to be useful, take care of your native country, respect its past and build a good future.

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My Kazakhstan