Composition on the theme Take care of native nature

Nature gives people so much free of charge so much that this is enough to lead a happy life. We receive both wood, gas, and minerals, such as building materials and metals. All this financially enriches us, and makes life more comfortable. But there is something without which the existence of man in general is impossible. It’s air, food, medicine, water, sunlight.

Some gifts of nature, such as precious stones, or beautiful landscapes can capture unforgettable moments in our memory and leave positive emotions in memory. The man himself is a part of nature, completely dependent on it and subject to its legal requirements. So, I think that we have all the reasons to treat nature carefully. This is especially important given that this can be of great benefit to us. How do I imagine what it means to cherish my native nature, and how can I do this?

The wealth of the motherland is also its nature, which must be treated with care, because any rash act has consequences. There are different programs, the purpose of which is to take care both of preserving the environment, and educating the younger generation in the context of recognizing their civic responsibilities. And this implies a responsible position of those who tomorrow will come to manage on this land. And what legacy will we leave to our children? What will they use, how to breathe, what water to drink? That’s what it’s worth to be guided by.

Scientists around the world are constantly sounding the alarm, saying that people should think about their relationship to nature. And although I believe that the big responsibility lies with those who are chasing profit, that is why they dump their production waste into the environment, that is, into rivers, air, or in containers that rot, are buried in the soil, but my actions are important. After all, I, too, can do something. For example, watch out so as not to litter, plant a tree, do not waste water.

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Composition on the theme Take care of native nature