My favorite work of art

Art. It fascinates us with the power of beauty: the beauty of sounds, the beauty of the senses, the beauty of what they saw. And if someone has already enchanted a person – then this is forever. This is such a force – the power of art. Someone was fascinated by a mysterious, tender, quivering music, someone a perfect picture, someone a wonderful book, somebody’s magical singing of a performer.

Among the musical compositions I like most of all Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Beethoven was a genius composer, a subtle lyricist, he was able to skilfully transmit by sounds what his overflowing with images, the soul perverted by emotions and misfortunes, felt.

A deep lyricism is filled with the “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. Gently the music sounds, but here and there sounds of alert sounds. They seem to portend the bad weather that is approaching. I feel the sounds at first quiet, and then all the stronger, louder. And now the storm is over. I can imagine how the sky darkened over the sea, covering the silver month with leaden clouds. As large avalanches soar upwards, they strike against stones and fly out in thousands of droplets. The strength of the sounds grows, and before my imagination there is an angry sea, a real storm on the sea. Thunderous rumblings are heard in the music. She breaks out of the keys and flies into the distance, filling my room with a groan. But instantly the thunder disappears, and again the melody sounds. Again, a month’s radiance pours into the soul and sounds alarming.

In his sonata, Beethoven passed on the struggle of the beautiful, pure feelings of man with the dark forces of the human soul, with the gray routine, philistinism, with the dark forces of philistine well-being.

Music. Her sounds fascinate our imagination, capture, evoke certain feelings. Music is an amazing treasury that enriches us, opens doors to the world of beauty.

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My favorite work of art