Omar Khayyam is an unsurpassed master of rubai

The image of the great poet of the East Omar Khayyam is fanned with legends, the biography is full of secrets and mysteries. His full name can hardly fit in one line. But even more facets of his talent. The Ancient East knew Omar Khayyam primarily as an outstanding scientist: mathematician, physicist, astronomer, philosopher. In the modern world, Omar Khayyam is known more as a poet, the creator of the original philosophical and lyrical quatrains, united by translators into the collection “Rubaiat.”

Rubai is one of the most complex genre forms of Tajik-Persian poetry. The volume of rubai is four lines, three of which rhyme among themselves.

Khayyam is an unrivaled master of this genre. His ruffles impress with the accuracy of observations and the depth of comprehension of the world and the soul of man, the brightness of images, the freshness of metaphors, the grace of rhythmic and musical form.

Many books written about a person and his soul could probably

fit in four lines of Khayyam:

We are a source of fun – and grieve the mine.
We are the reservoir of filth and a pure spring.
Man, as if in a mirror, the world is multifaceted.
He is insignificant – and he is immensely great!

Reading the ringlets of Khayyam, we hear not only a sage, but also a rebel, a fighter for justice:

If a mill, a bath, a splendid palace
Gets a fool and a scoundrel as a gift,
A worthy goes into bondage because of bread –
I do not care about your justice, creator!

The poet is talking to the reader. He shares his discoveries with him and gives wise advice. It seems that for all occasions Khayyam has comfort:

Do not mourn, mortal, yesterday’s losses,
Do not measure today’s tomorrow’s measures,
Do not believe the past nor the future,
Believe the minute of the current – be happy now!

Among all earthly pleasures, Omar Khayyam singles out love as the fundamental principle of being:

Primarily the rest is love.
In the song of youth, the first

word is love.
Oh, ignorant in the world of love, bitter,
Know that our whole life is based on love!

It is hard to imagine that the ruffles of Omar Khayyam came to us from the Middle Ages. Their author is not like the Eastern wise men who have comprehended all the wisdom of the Koran.

“I am a schoolboy in this best of the best worlds,” Khayyam wrote about himself. He really looks more like an eternal schoolboy or student: witty, ironic, in love with life and in man. His poems are more than eight centuries old. But not a single quatrain has lost interest for contemporaries, not one of his words has become outdated. Because each of them is about a person, about the eternal problems of being, about earthly joys and sorrows, which each of us discovers for ourselves. But only the poet, the great master of the word, is given the ability to bring his findings to people.

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Omar Khayyam is an unsurpassed master of rubai