Loneliness of man in the world of absurdity

Loneliness of man in the world of absurdity

Franz Kafka – the bearer of a very peculiar, deformed vision of the world, which is reflected in the mind of the writer, as in a crooked mirror. Everything in this world is distorted, devoid of meaning. Therefore, reading his works, you refuse from their literal understanding, and you are tuned to experiences before penetrating into the atmosphere of horror, senselessness, facelessness and rudeness of being.

Kafkaian character – the creature is absolutely lonely, was a victim of mystical mysterious forces. He has no hope of salvation. In short, in the world of Kafka, the mood is gloomy, born of a painful and, perhaps, sick imagination. About the character of Kafka, almost nothing can be said reliably. We know that he is a man. We do not find an external description of

the “hero,” there is no information about his past, sometimes there is not even a name. In Kafka, the person is “blurred”, Kafka and his characters always live in a state of fracture: they longed for loneliness and were afraid of it, they strove for human communication, always despair and always hoped, the author has always wanted to prove not to the world, but to himself that perfection after all perhaps, conceivable.

Novella “Transformation” was written in 1924, the writer told her friends that it was “an extremely nauseating story.” The essence of events develops as follows: a certain Gregor Zamza, a petty official, waking up in the morning after a restless sleep, discovered that he had turned into a “terrible insect” in his bed. His numerous, “poorly thin compared with the rest of the body,” the legs helplessly swarmed before his eyes. Gregor thought that this was due to his hard work connected with traveling, but he could not get up and go to the station to travel to another city. Then the former voice disappeared, a painful squeak appeared. And behind the door the father, mother, sister reminded him that he was late for the train. Soon the manager appeared, worried about Gregor’s absence at the station,

The doctor and locksmith should appear

soon, Gregor himself tried to open the lock with his teeth, clutching the key, and “some kind of brown liquid flowed from his mouth…” Gregor knew that he was in trouble, but hoped to get out. He was already tormented by the question: how to rebuild your life? The room in which he lived for five years was now a stranger.

The oppressed state of loved ones was felt in everything: they were helpless to change something, they lost their breadwinner and much more. Gregor the man used to love music and dreamed that his sister would study at the conservatory in violin class, he would collect money for this. Report the whole family thought on Christmas Eve. And everything collapsed! .. The family had to rent rooms to the tenants to make ends meet.

In this everyday drama of human life, everything is clear, only, what way will those who now have to make a decision find?

Having weighed and discussed everything that was happening, the family decided: “to empty Gregor’s room, to clean things that he does not need now.” Gregor clung to every object from his past life: he saw on the wall a portrait of a lady in furs, hastily scrambled to the wall and pressed himself against the glass. “This portrait of him probably will not take anyone…” The last decision of the family – get rid of Gregor! To do this, it was closed in an empty room. “Despite his deplorable and disgusting appearance, Gregor is still a member of the family and should not be treated like an enemy, one must suppress disgust and tolerate, only endure!” – recalls F. Kafka.

Have all the means and methods been used to bring Gregor back to life? I think no! And was he an animal, with whom, maybe, someone and easy to part? No. In the story there is a scene when the “transformer” Gregor hears the music performed by his sister. In his memory remained the most powerful and unfulfilled desire of his “other” life: the musical education of his sister.

And here’s the end. When the maid came to Gregor’s room early in the morning, she did not notice anything special, but when the swing of the broom did not make Gregor move, she realized that he was dead. “Look, it’s gone, it’s completely dead!” … What a “murderous” cruelty phrase! Thus ended the life of Gregor. No one felt pain, no one cried, the family decided to dedicate this day to rest and walk… That’s all that is left of a person – THIS!

Novella “Transformation” makes the reader think about simple life questions: what do you mean by loving your neighbor, what is patience and when it has exhausted itself.

Kafka and his characters live in a world where there is no hope, but there is endless suffering. The merit of F. Kafka in front of people is that he was one of the first to experience this new state – existence without hope in a world of absurdity, and one of the first managed to find a language capable of conveying them for his experiences.

F. Kafka is not for the general reader. He is interesting to those who understand that there are different people in life, and in literature, naturally, different characters.

Loneliness of man in the world of absurdity