Lesson on kindness lessons

Lessons of kindness

An important place in the story of VP Astafyev’s “Horse with a pink mane” is the theme of kindness. This story is autobiographical and is included in the collection “The Last Bow”. In it the author narrates about one incident from childhood that remained in his memory for life. The protagonist of the work, the boy Vitya, early left without a mother and raised by her grandparents. Grandmother of the boy, Katerina Petrovna, though a strict woman, but she loved her grandson very much. Once she sent him with neighbor boys for berries. On the proceeds, she promised to buy him a gingerbread horse with a pink mane. In those years, such sweets were rare, and boys from all over the village could only dream of such a gingerbread.

Levantievskie children were hooligan and ill-bred, why the grandmother of the boy disliked them. And this time they made a fight along the way, ate all the collected berries and the boy Vitya was compelled

to do the same. Then he shared his berries, so as not to be considered greedy. I did not want to return home with an empty vessel, all the more so, knowing my grandmother’s character. With her there were no tears or excuses. Then, the guys advised him to stuff the turkey with grass, and on top to cover with individual berries. And they did. When they returned, Sanka, the most harmful of the Levantev boys, began to threaten that he would give it to his grandmother, if he did not bring the kalachi. Then Vitya stood before another moral choice: to steal a grandmother from a kalachi or not. All the same, he stole and carried it until Sanka was full.

The events of this day so disturbed the boy that he could not fall asleep. In the morning I decided to tell my grandmother and ask for forgiveness, but she was gone. She went to the city to sell berries. When Katerina Petrovna returned, she was very angry with her grandson, and he huddled in the pantry and did not go out all day. Grandmother told all her neighbors how her grandson treated her. The boy was terribly ashamed. The next day my grandfather came from his zaimki and advised Vitya to talk with his grandmother and ask for forgiveness. He did it. Grandmother first long chastised him, and then still gave “a horse with a pink mane.” So many years have passed since then, my grandfather and grandmother have not been there for a long time, and the author himself has aged. However, he never forgot that “lesson” of the grandmother and the gingerbread horse.

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Lesson on kindness lessons