Winter day

In the yard – winter. There is a wonderful sunny day. The sky is clear. The snow that went all night covered the earth, houses, cars with a white fluffy veil. The trees stand in heavy white hats, and occasionally snow dust falls from the tops.

On the snow, as on a white sheet, hieroglyphs of bird tracks are clearly written out. Sparrows near the house are fighting because of a crust of bread – it is not easy for them to find food under a white blanket.

The sun is high. Its rays transform the snowy road into a sparkling scattering of diamonds. I want to go through this royal path.

Between the trees the guys try to make a snowman, but they can not do anything. The fact is that the street frost, and the snow on such days becomes loose and crunchy creaks underfoot when walking. On the hill – a merry walk. Squeals and screams are heard, multicolored sleds roll down, and on them are girls and boys. Someone poured the slope from one side with water, and now the sparkling ice band awaits those who want to ride. Such brave ones – more than enough!

If you stay in one place for a long time, the frost climbs over the collar, begins to pinch your nose and ears. It would be nice to go now to my grandmother – she is always hotly heated and for a guest there will surely be a hot patty with apple jam.

It is a pity that the winter days are short, but still winter is my favorite season.

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Winter day