Exhibition of Wax Figures

Exhibition of Wax Figures

The news instantly flew around the whole class – in a few days an exhibition of wax figures will take place in the city museum! The decision warmed instantly: we should visit the exhibition and see with our own eyes what was before seen only in television reports.

Winter Sunday morning. City Museum. The whole class is assembled, many have cameras. The guys are buzzing like a swarm of bees: waiting for them by utom and lo. But then Elena Sergeevna appears, our class teacher: “Guys, I already bought tickets! You can go in.”

The buzz gradually subsides, we go into the exhibition hall.

The first impression is overwhelming: history seems to come to life before our eyes. Great people of the past meet us. French commander, Emperor Napoleon. To contemporaries

he instilled a superhuman fear. His eyes were called “the eyes of a sorcerer, piercing his head.” But the waxen embodiment of Napoleon does not inspire terror at all.

The Russian Emperor Nicholas II, according to the guide, was an unusually superstitious man. In the family of the Romanovs there was a legend about the prediction of the hermit Seraphim of Sarov, concerning the fate of the dynasty. For a long time Nicholas II was looking for this prophecy. In the end, the paper was found in the police department. The prophecy was that misfortunes and troubles would soon come. There will be great trouble inside the state, the father will rise to his son, brother to his brother. Alas, the prophecy has come true.

Hitler, who dreamed of a new act of creation equal to the divine, a biological mutation that would lead to a new stage of development: the rise of humanity and the emergence of a race of heroes, demigods and human gods. The idea, it would seem, is noble, but the first step, according to Hitler, was to destroy the “inferior” people and peoples. In the hands of the mad Fuhrer were the fates of millions of innocent people.

In the gallery of historical characters, the “leader of the peoples” Stalin, the inspirer of the 1917 revolution, Lenin, the brilliant writer Gogol.


here are the heroes of our time: the Beatles Liverpool four, Michael Jackson, a highly professional singer and an outstanding dancer.

They did not arouse my admiration, the characters of the exhibition, who had gone down in history due to the fact that they changed their whole purpose purposefully and senselessly, mutilated their body. It is not necessary to recall Michael Jackson, whose face plastic surgeons have changed beyond recognition. But to look away from the person sitting on three stools (each of the stools had to stand almost by the centner of “live fat”!), It was not easy.

The unfortunate man can not do without outside help for many years: raise his hand, leg, wash, comb, etc. However, before us sat a millionaire: his house is open to crowds of curious, willing to pay a fee for a look at the fat man and his quirks. Only once the biggest man in the world decided to part with extra pounds – at that time the cupid’s arrow pierced his heart. Operation, diet, hunger pains… The lady of the heart was inexorable, did not answer reciprocated. The only memory of the love drama was an unusual leather cloak. The material for the raincoat was… a fat man’s skin removed during a surgical operation.

Nearby there are smiling opposites: the tallest man in the world and the smallest. They look like the animated characters Gulliver and the Lilliputian.

The most terrible part of the exhibition is people, disfigured by nature. Four-eyed and two-nosed, two-faced, armless and deeply unhappy. The majority of them are performances in the circus for fun of the public. But, for example, the talisman of the whole settlement was the two-headed Mexican John, and his wax double is the talisman of the exhibition. He is not at all scary: on his usual human head grew one more, less. Hair on one and the second are braided in a pigtail. They say you can make a wish and touch his little head – your dream will come true. Naturally, John should be thanked with a coin, because he was just a man, not a mysterious deity. We did not dare to go to John for a long time, to try his wonderful abilities. But our fear was rewarded: I will tell you a secret, my wish has come true.

The exhibition of wax figures did not leave anyone in our class indifferent. We spent several days discussing what we saw. It was interesting then to examine the photographs, because they were difficult to distinguish living people from wax dolls. The only thing we would like to ask the organizers of the exhibition is to come to our city as often as possible!

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Exhibition of Wax Figures