How many of them fell into this abyss, Deployed in the distance! There will come a day when I will disappear From the surface of

Art. It fascinates us with the power of beauty: the beauty of sounds, the beauty of the senses, the beauty of what they saw. And

Berlin. Treptow Park. Monument to the Russian Soldier To some friends, I already said that there is no “Victory Day” holiday in Germany. From history

Communication is communication between people, reflecting the level of their information in any area, which serves as a means of information transfer and as a

For two hundred thousand years man and animals live side by side on planet Earth. During this time, not only the appearance of man and

The main character of the novel IA Goncharov “Oblomov” – Ilya Ilich Oblomov. He was a landowner who lived from his serfs working for him.