Environmental anxiety

Environmental anxiety

Man and nature are inseparable. After all, it is an integral part of nature, its part.

It is pleasant to admire a clean river, carrying its clear waters somewhere into the unknown, listening to the chirping of birds and enjoying the beauty of flowers. Nature gives us vitality, it purifies and ennobles our souls. Communicating with nature, we become kinder, more open, more natural. It has a great power, capable of morally reviving a person. Only in a single rhythm can exist man and nature.

But, unfortunately, this rhythm is broken today. Over the past two centuries, more than two hundred species of mammals have disappeared. Every year – one species! So you can easily calculate, after how many years will disappear and the last of the species of mammals – a man.


he himself is most often the main cause of the death of nature. For example, the number of butterflies that are sensitive to climate change, with the appearance of ozone holes and greenhouse gases emitted as a result of industrial and agricultural activities, has decreased tenfold. Victims of oil spills, which covered our seas with black sores, became a lot of birds and fish. And it is very possible that oil-soaked corpses of birds will become the prey of predators, who also expect imminent death.

Fisheries are one of the oldest occupations of man. But its scale has increased immeasurably, threatening the entire marine fauna with an irreparable disaster, and many dolphins are dying in the tuna networks. But once a man and the sea, described by the great Hemingway, sought to understand each other. The old sailor could understand the element-fish only when he merged with her: he began to think how she, feel sorry for her, even talk with her.

We, intelligent beings, have not been strengthened for many centuries, but we are losing touch with nature. Perhaps today, when so much is said about the ecological danger for all living things on earth, when a lot of organizations are trying to protect nature, we will finally come to the realization that if as a result of any human activity, even the most important, the nature perishes, – this activity should be prohibited.

Food, water, shelter, clothing – all this gives us nature. It is changeable and beautiful, it is the most valuable thing a person has. And we must do everything to ensure that our descendants call her mother-nature and treat her like a mother.

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Environmental anxiety