“Description of thunderstorms” composition

Have you ever come under the first spring rain? To be in the field in the midst of a thunderstorm? To hear close peals of thunder and see glittering lightning in a stormy sky? These impressions remain for a long time – frightening and exciting at the same time, fascinating with the breath of spring that came into its own right. The spring storm is not at all like a thunderstorm in summer or in the fall. This is a very special phenomenon. One day, on May holidays, we went to nature. Settled in a small cottage, laid out products for a picnic. Adults engaged in preparations, and my friends and I ran to explore the territory. The day was beautiful. Spring began to show itself in all its glory. All the trees were in bloom, and in the air there was a unique aroma. The spring sun, sometimes hidden by the oncoming clouds, was pleased with its warmth. The birds twittered, rejoicing in the spring. Sometimes a fresh breeze rushed in, and then calmed down. And it seemed that all around was

hiding for a while with him, as if listening. And what next. Still, nature knows: the spring weather is so changeable!

Keen on playing and talking, we did not notice how we had moved far enough away from the house. And then everything changed… The clouds ran up, everything went dark. The sky from the affable-blue became formidable and heavy. In the distance, it seemed almost black. We turned back and hurried back to the house. Suddenly the sky was cut by lightning, and on the other hand – one more. And, as if right above our heads, there was a thunder. He rang out like a sudden shot, and, sweeping across the fields, reluctantly fell silent somewhere beyond the horizon. Immediately, as if in answer to him, from somewhere far away came another raskat. The rumbling sounds then grew, then subsided, resumed again and went away. It seemed that there, at the top, someone was arguing. About what? Unknown. But it became somehow frightening. For a moment all was quiet. There was no thunder or wind noise.

A blade of grass moved, a little bird chirped. The face smelled of breeze, but not the warm and affectionate

one. The air smelled fresh and lightly cold… And then the rain poured – the first this spring, as if someone had overturned a huge tub of water from heaven. There was nowhere to hide from the rain, it was still far from the house. The water was all around, the rain poured down a solid wall. We ran almost at random, seeing nothing before ourselves. In the sky, lightning flashed here and there, and echoes of thunder were heard, but far away. They grew smaller and weaker. And suddenly everything stopped, just as suddenly as it had begun.

The sky cleared quickly, and again the sun came out. The birds again echoed, flying from branch to branch. And someone who would appear here only now, would be very surprised to see the endless streams of water running along the road. And us, soaked to the skin, as if bathed in the river directly in clothes. Parents greeted us with angry faces, but then changed their anger to mercy. They dressed us up, put us at the table. And this May thunderstorm remained in the past. But I’m sure that the memories of her will last for a long time!

Yesterday’s morning was quiet, warm and cloudless. On such days, especially do not want to go to school, because when you sit at the window, it is impossible to listen to the teacher’s explanations. Shouts of kids on the street, the singing of birds in the trees, the closeness of vacations do not allow them to concentrate on lessons – would have taken, and jumped straight into the window on the green grass, into the lilac bushes.

However, the sunny weather lasted only until the beginning of the third lesson. Quickly, as if someone was chasing them from behind, the gloomy gray clouds came running in the distance, thunder rumbled in the distance. Suddenly, it was so dark that the class had to turn on the light. We calmed down, even the most restless children stopped talking. And so, when a minute of “dead” silence arose in the classroom, a thunderclap sounded right outside the window and a flash of lightning flashed. The blow was so strong that my ears rang, and many of our girls squealed. After a few seconds I poured such a shower that the neighboring house became difficult to distinguish. The teacher told us to close the windowpanes quickly. It was clear how the raging streams of dirty water rushed along the roads, washing away dust and dust from the asphalt. Many pedestrians waded through puddles. None of them took an umbrella,

Suddenly everything was quiet. The rain stopped, in a few minutes the clouds stretched. In the window looked sweet sun: do not be afraid, the storm is over!

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“Description of thunderstorms” composition