Composition of goodness

Good is the accomplishment of a good without mercenary motives. This is when a person does something for other people or animals and does not expect anything in return. To help cross the road to an elderly person or give way to a bus is good. True, elderly people in our time already almost do not believe that kindness has remained in the youth. And, truth, teenagers are now brought up quite differently, as in the Soviet era, and often they are cruel to the elders.

Kindness is a beautiful human quality. But people in our time no longer think of their earthly purpose – to do good for the sake of others. Few people worry about the always working rule: “Do not do to another what you do not want yourself.” Often people feel the need to do something good for the person who helped them. Few people think about the fact that a person has done good for you simply and does not expect anything in return. Now not all help unfamiliar or unfamiliar people who are in trouble.

Therefore, a sincere manifestation of kindness seems to be something supernatural.

As V. Kluchevsky said, “A good man is not one who knows how to do good, but one who does not know how to do evil.” I see good in selfless help to people. Well lives somewhere very deep in the heart.

I’m friends with many people, and I think all of them are good. I always try to be kind to everyone, to yield to everyone, if this helps to maintain friendship. Kindness is impossible without consciously doing good deeds. Good is able to give a smile and bring joy. It can be compared to a piece of happiness.

All my friends understand good in their own way. For some, the manifestation of good is the desire to protect the weak, not to deceive anyone and help the needy. For someone it is help in everything close and close. For me, good is helping everyone, for example, if I told a person how to get to the place of interest, then this is a good deed.

I try to do good for everyone, whether it’s people or animals. Goodness is the manifestation of all the brightest and most sincere in a person.

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Composition of goodness