Culture of medieval India

In medieval India, natural sciences developed, especially mathematics, astronomy, medicine. The Indians are the creators of the “Arabic numerals”, which all mathematicians now use. Our school arithmetic is also of Indian origin. Long-standing Indian methods of healing with medicinal herbs are studied by modern medics.

Sanskrit-speaking literature developed. Lyrical works and plays of the great Kalidasa are translated into many modern languages. With the arrival of Muslims in the country appeared and Persian-language literature.

Indian master builders cut down in the rock or erected from the stone majestic temples, decorated with reliefs, sculpture and painting. Gorgeous Muslim temples have grown in the Delhi Sultanate. But the prohibition of Islam to depict people and animals impoverished Indian art.

Indians were very fond of music and dancing. They did not just dance – they told the language of the dance about love, gods and heroes. In their dances, every movement of the body, every gesture has a profound meaning. The craft of a dancer or a dancer took years to master.

The Indians also played games and entertainments. They invented chess, were addicted to dice. We paid tribute to sports games, first of all – polo.

Sanskrit is the literary language of ancient and medieval India.

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Culture of medieval India