Composition “Stars”

Composition “Stars”

I really like to look at the starry sky.

In summer, in a village where there are no multi-storey houses, I go out into the street at night, sit down near the house and look at the sky.

The starry sky sometimes looks deep, bottomless, and sometimes it seems that you reach out and you can reach the stars.

First, looking at the starry sky, it becomes a little scary, even dizzy, it seems that if you do not stand on your feet, you can break into the celestial abyss. But then you realize that the sky is like a fluffy, soft blanket, it caresses and warms. And involuntarily, looking at the stars, I want to smile.

Most of all I like to look at the starry sky in July and August. It is at this time that many stars fall from the sky. It is believed that if you manage to make

a wish, while the shooting star does not go out, it will come true.

Is it so? I do not know. I have never been able to make a wish as long as the star falls. After all, they fall so quickly, in a matter of a fraction of a second. They flash like a spark, sweep across the sky, leaving behind a luminous trace, and disappear.

When I was very young, I was very sorry for the little stars that fell. I sadly told my mother: “One more star in the sky became smaller, but what if people lived on it?”

And I was very interested in: “And where are the stars falling, can they be found on the ground?” To which Mom answered: “No, they burn in the atmosphere and do not have time to fly to the surface of the earth.”

Now, having become older, I myself can learn everything about the stars from books.

Now I know for sure that the falling star is not a lost planet, but meteors and meteorites, solid cosmic particles and stones that, moving towards the Earth, fall into its atmosphere and burn, causing a glow.

Some very large meteorites, nevertheless, are able to reach the surface of the Earth. Whole expeditions are sent to their search.

Scientists, studying the composition of meteorites, find out what the planets of the solar system formed from, and how the Sun was billions

of years ago.

TV shows often tell of a phenomenon such as “star rain” when thousands of meteors fall from the sky at the same time. I’ve never seen a “star rain” myself, only in TV news reports on the “News” program. But I so want to watch the very thing! Probably, it is very beautiful! A real salute from the stars!

I really hope that someday, I will be able to see in the night sky, as at the same time a huge number of meteors fall….

Or maybe someday I will even be able to find a piece of a meteorite that fell from the sky…

But not only I like to watch the stars. At all times the sky fascinated and appealed to all of humanity. From the earliest times, people dreamed of conquering outer space and revealing all its secrets.

But the conquest of airspace was very long and difficult. Only the most courageous and desperate people dared to build aircraft and climb them into the air. At first they were balloons, airships, airplanes, and in the twentieth century airplanes and spacecraft appeared. Not always flights of the first testers were successful. There were many cases when the brave souls perished.

In our time, we are no longer surprised to see a flying plane in the sky. And in the night sky you can often see a flying satellite. Man has completely conquered near-Earth space.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first time a man embarked on a space journey.

The first cosmonaut who flew into space was Yury Gagarin. On the twelfth of April one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one he went into space on the spaceship Vostok. His flight lasted only one hour forty-eight minutes. During this time, he flew once around the Globe, and then safely ejected to Earth.

The second flight into space was made on the sixth of August, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one, by Herman Titov. His flight lasted more than a day. German Titov also returned safely to Earth.

In June, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-third, the first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova flew into space.

For committing flights to space, the first cosmonauts received many different awards. They became honorary citizens of many cities of the world, and their names are named streets of these cities.

However, successful flights to space of the first cosmonauts do not mean at all that the space journey is safe. Not once did the human flights to space end in tragedy.

And in our days no one can guarantee the safe return of astronauts to Earth. There, far from the Earth, there can be different unforeseen situations.

Not long ago, in two thousand and third year, an American spacecraft collapsed, due to a malfunction in the system. All eight crew members were killed. Of course, scientists are doing everything possible to avoid such tragedies, but no one is immune from trouble.

It would seem that if times are so dangerous flights into space, can they be stopped altogether, in order to avoid the death of people?

No! After all, cosmonauts do not fly into space for a walk or an exciting trip. They fly there to work. Astronauts observe the state of the Earth’s surface, behind the weather, conduct various scientific experiments and research. In addition, cosmonauts often have to go out to work in open space, which is very dangerous, because such a phenomenon that we see from the Earth, like the fall of meteors and meteorites, carries a serious danger there. Solid cosmic particles in outer space fly at the speed of bullets and can get into the astronaut and damage the spacesuit and, even, cause serious injuries.

That is why only the most courageous, with good health people go to space. But even they have to undergo serious training before flying.

Admiring the starry sky, I often think that somewhere there, high-altitude, people work…

What would be our life without explorers of the cosmos?

After all, the cosmos is fraught with many secrets and mysteries that have yet to be revealed to our brave astronauts. And I admire their heroism, their boldness, steadfastness and purposefulness.

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Composition “Stars”