Composition “Roads of War”

War.. How much pain in this word. How many lives she stole, how many people spoiled. Mercilessly killed souls, taking away morality and love. War… How much power in this word. How many souls she inspired, how many hearts she taught courage. So what’s she like? Is the road front?

The story of V. Bykin “Sotnikov” will help us to answer such a difficult question. Two people, two fates. One front road, different influence. The war had different effects on the heroes. Sotnikov’s front line gave strength, and Rybak took principles and honor. So Sotnikov, having got to the police, behaves nobly and wants to save innocent people at the price of his life, and Rybak, having tightened his “tail”, is eager to save his life and becomes a policeman. But they were walking the same road, the road of war. Only one had to die. and the second to transcend itself. The front line did not regret either one or the other. Only now the execution took place in

different forms. Sotnikova – physically, Fisherman – morally. So what is worse? Could the front line have been so cruel to everyone?

No. The front road often revealed the essence of man. Someone became a traitor, someone a hero. Someone in the shower was born love, someone has a hatred. Recall the work of V. Zakrutin “The Mother of Man.” The main character is Maria. She has a husband Ivan, son of Vasyatka. The woman is happy. But War has come. The Germans came to the farm, where the heroine lived happily with her family. drove people to Germany, and Ivan and Vasily were hanged. One Mary managed to escape. Lonely, she had to fight for her life and for the life of her unborn child. So the heroine entered the front line, the road to War. The heroine felt her duty to the people who were hijacked to Germany, so she started harvesting from the collective farm fields not only for herself, but also for those who might still return home. The feeling of an executed debt supported her on hard and lonely days. Soon she had a large farm, because everything littered on the looted and burnt house of Mary.

Maria became like the mother of all the surrounding land, the mother who buried her husband, Vasyatka, Sanya, Werner Braht and completely unknown to her, killed at the forefront of the political leader of Glory. She was able to take
under his shelter seven Leningrad orphans, the will of fate brought to her farm. The front line helped the heroine to reveal her soul, despite the pain and hatred, the heroine could not forget how to love.

So what’s she like? Front line? The road that takes everything from us and with which it is impossible to return? Or is it a road that reveals our essence and helps us to awaken from the indifference of the soul? Everyone decides for himself.

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Composition “Roads of War”