Composition on the topic “Home”

Our ancestors in the concept of the house invested very much. Another Old Testament ark saved Noah from the flood, becoming a symbol of the life of a new, better civilization. Turning to countless puzzles, proverbs, conspiracies, we see that the house symbolized both the real and the spiritual world. From time immemorial, he was a guardian for man from evil. Even the components of the house had a special, not only domestic, but also spiritual purpose: a threshold, an oven, a window, etc.

The house is a symbol of the Motherland, and the family, and continuity of generations, a symbol of childhood, spiritual memory.

It is very important not to lose all this, entering adult life, and also be able to build your own home, your own life.

But to build it, as the Bible warns us, on a rock, and not on the sand, that is, on strong moral values, so that when “the rain and rivers flood, he could stand the house because he was based on a stone” (“The Gospel of Matthew” ).

Today, at a turning point in our nation, when Ukraine is entering a common European home, it is necessary and important to maintain its mentality, its culture, its home, without merging into an unlimited spiritual space.

I live in a poor house, but he is very dear to me, since he probably remembers both my first steps and the first joys; It was here that I fled and in moments of grief. And my house was always for me a good reliable shelter, a children’s fairy tale. No matter how my life has developed, and wherever I have to wander and possibly live, I will always love my home.

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Composition on the topic “Home”