The customs and customs of the ancient Greeks in Homer’s poem “The Odyssey”

At the end of the Trojan War, the Greek leaders with their squads, with booty and captives returned to their homeland. Homer’s poem “Odyssey” tells of returning home, to the island of Ithaca, a clever Odyssey. Before us are the events of ancient times, the author acquaints us with the customs of ancient people, for whom the family, honor, and integrity were sacred. A young girl Penelope married a man much older, he soon went to Troy and his young wife had to wait a long time for her husband’s return. Leaving, he told her that if he did not return soon, Penelope should get married again when their son grows up. According to the customs, Penelope will give his hand to the one who of the grooms will bring her generous gifts. But Penelope remained faithful to her beloved husband. Returning Odysseus, who was absent for twenty years, she tested,

Song for the song Homer tells us about the customs of the ancient Greeks. This son of Odysseus, Telemachus, goes in

search of his father and falls into the palace of King Menelaus, who celebrates the wedding of his son and daughter. He invites Telemachus to his family celebration, as the custom dictates.

According to the law of the ancient Greeks, who was in trouble had to get support. Odyssey, who barely managed to swim ashore after his raft was killed, meets King Alkina. Even without asking the name of the guest, he arranges a feast in honor of the stranger. At the end of the feast, Alkina, turning to her guests, asks “to retire at home” to meet again tomorrow and “make a hecatomb…”, that is, to sacrifice a hundred bulls. It is an ancient custom: it was believed that the foreigner would then safely reach the shores of his homeland.

When the Phaeacians gathered in the square, King Alkina addressed them. He informed them that the foreign visitor asked for help – he had to return to his fatherland. “We, keeping the custom, praying guest will help… should descend to the sacred waters of the ship black-bearded, in the sea not yet walking…” The best rowers will give

Odyssey Alkina, but before feeding in the royal chambers.

Homer also describes a match in archery. Penelope, tired of waiting for Odysseus, promised that she would marry someone who could shoot through twelve rings. But none of the suitors could even pull the string. Then Odysseus, already returned to Ithaca, disguised himself as a beggar, asked him to give him a shot from the bow. He begins to compete with the Penelope’s fiancees and wins, easily pulling the familiar bow.

From the poem of Homer I learned a lot of interesting things about how the ancient Greeks lived.

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The customs and customs of the ancient Greeks in Homer’s poem “The Odyssey”