Composition on the theme of humanity

I think, B. Vasiliev, saying that

Meant that Anna Fedotovna, struck by the brutal, inhuman deed of children, as a result of which she lost the only material connection with her deceased son, died spiritually.
As a proof of this thought, we give examples from the text. So, the author writes about how the old woman did not like the tone of the girl, “causing, full of incomprehensible claims for her,” and also that the girl’s voice was so “officially inhuman”. The offense inflicted on Anna Fedotovna by the children was very rude, cruel and insulting, so the soul of the old lady could not bear it.
And in the continuation of the text B. Vasilyev says:

Summing up, it can be argued that when B. Vasiliev wrote how blinded and deceased the soul of the main character, he wanted to say that this happened not only because of the loss of precious letters, but, first of all, because of the behavior of the guys, an unacceptable act which so

wounded the soul of Anna Fedotovna.

Humanity is a set of traits that defines a person as a person and distinguishes it from the beast, integrating such concepts as kindness, sympathy, sincerity, empathy. Humanity, or humanity, is the most important component of the human essence. The lack of humanity entails selfishness and cruelty. The very definition of “humanity” carries a fairly clear meaning: the quality that is inherent in man, in other words, human quality. That is why he is brought up in children: from an early age we learn not to offend kittens, to empathize with a friend, we learn to be kind and sincere towards people.
As a proof of what has been said, we can cite an excerpt from B. Vasiliev’s text, where we see an example of inhumanity:

Children, having shown such cruelty, made the old woman very painful. For the grandmother these letters were too expensive, but the guys did not understand her grief and stole them, deprived her of the only opportunity to experience the death of an expensive son who died in the war. Her soul was blind and deaf, as the author says. The pain

that the loving mother experienced the second time, is difficult to describe in words, and to survive is even more difficult.
Another example, but an example of true humanity, can serve as the hero of Leo Tolstoy’s story “After the Ball.” Ivan Vasilievich, after seeing the violence over the guilty soldier, refuses from a successful civil service, so as not to take part in the physical and spiritual humiliation of other people, even accidentally. It is a profoundly human and courageous act to abandon a successful career, money, beloved for the sake of one’s principles, in order to live according to conscience.
Summarizing all that has been said, it can be argued that humanity is a gift that not everyone has. Kindness and sincerity have been instilled since childhood, without these qualities the world would have long ago collapsed. Intellect is not given for destruction, but for creation, and understanding of this is achieved through humanity in each of us.

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Composition on the theme of humanity