Summary “Kusaka” Andreeva

The story of Andreev’s “Kusaka” narrates about the hard share of the stray dog. The summary will help the reader to learn the plot, to get acquainted with the main characters in less than 5 minutes.

Who is Kusaka?

Previously, this dog had no name. The author acquaints the reader with the homeless animal. His life was not easy. The yard dogs drove him away from the huts, preventing him from feeding, and the children threw sticks and stones into the animal.

Once she seemed to like to cuddle a drunken man, but when the dog came up to him, he hit her with the toe of her boot. Therefore, the animal completely ceased to trust people. So sadly begins the work “Kusaka” Andreev. The summary will allow the reader to move from winter to spring and summer, where the dog was happy.

How the dog became a Kusaka

In winter, the dog chose an empty dacha and began to live under the house. But spring came. The hosts came to the dacha.

The dog saw a pretty girl who was happy with the fresh air, the sun, nature. Her name was Lelya. The girl spun, enamored of everything that surrounded her. And then, from behind the bushes, a dog attacked her. She grabbed the girl by the hem of her dress. She yelled and ran into the house.

First dacha owners wanted to drive out or completely shoot the animal, but they were kind people. What’s next for the reader in Andreev’s “Kusaka” story? A brief summary will help answer this question. Further the dog waited good.

Gradually, people are used to barking at night. Sometimes in the morning they remembered about her and asked about where their Kusaka is. So they called the dog. Dachniki began to feed the animal, but at first she was afraid when she was thrown bread. Apparently, I thought that it was throwing a stone at her, and she was running away.

Short-lived happiness Kusaki

One day, the schoolgirl Lelya called Kusak. She did not go to any one at first, she was afraid. The girl cautiously began to move forward to Kusaka. Lelya began to speak kind words to the dog and

she trusted her – she lay on her stomach and closed her eyes. The girl stroked the dog. That’s what a surprise prepared the reader for the work “Kusaka” Andreeva. The summary continues a positive narrative.

Lelia stroked the animal and was happy about it herself, she called the children and they also began to caress Kusak. Everyone was delighted. After all, the dog from an excess of feelings began to jump awkwardly, somersault. The children burst into laughter at the sight of it. Everyone asked Kusak to repeat his funny somersaults.

Gradually the dog got used to the fact that she does not need to take care of food. Kusaka recovered, became heavy and stopped running with the children in the forest. At night, she also guarded the dacha, sometimes bursting into loud barking.

It was a rainy autumn. Many summer residents have already left for the city. Began to gather there and the family of Lelly. The girl asked her mother about how to deal with Kusaka. What did the mother say? It will help to learn a brief summary. Andreeva Kusaka was not happy for long. The woman said that she had nowhere to keep her and would have to leave her at the dacha. Lelya almost cried, but there was nothing to do. Summer residents left.

The dog for a long time rushed, running after them. She even ran to the station, but she did not find anyone. Then she climbed under the house in the country and began to howl – persistently, smoothly and hopelessly calm.

Leonid Andreev wrote this work. The story “Kusaka” awakens the best feelings, teaches compassion for those who need it.

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Summary “Kusaka” Andreeva