Composition on the theme “Memoirs”

Each of us understands that time is cyclical: the past, the present and the future are inextricably linked. No wonder they say: “The future will not come to one who has forgotten the past.” We are born, we grow up, we grow older. Life goes on as usual, and in a few years only memories remain. Why are they needed? What power do they have? Each person has his own memories. They can be tragic and “eat” us from the inside, but in life you need to learn how to choose memories. You do not need to remember what makes you cry bitterly. Only warm memories are needed by man. That can be joyful moments from childhood or happy moments of love. Memories are stored in our hearts. They give us strength in the present and help to live for the future.

In the correctness of this point of view I am convinced by fiction. Let us recall the work of IA Bunin “Cold Autumn.” The main character, on whose behalf the story is narrated, begins her story with a farewell

meeting with her lover. They were going to be separated. The girl was afraid for him and for himself: and suddenly he really does not become, and one day she will forget him, because everything has its end. But throughout her life she did not forget her lover. This evening, this cold autumn forever remained in her memory. The heroine went through a difficult journey, she lost everything: her home, her parents, her beloved, but she did not lose herself. Throughout her life, her memories of that cold evening warmed her. “You live, rejoice in the world, then come to me.”, These words gave her the strength to live.

Undoubtedly, memories are the most valuable thing a person has. Take them away – to deprive a person of life. This is said in the novel by Ch. Aitmatov “And the day lasts for more than a century”. The legend of the mankurt tells how cruelly the Zhuanshuans treated the prisoners. They destroyed the slave’s memory with terrible torture. It is much easier to destroy a person than to remove his memory and mind, “to wrest the roots of what remains with a man until his last

breath, remaining his only acquisition, leaving with him and not accessible to others.” The man who has become a mankurt is no longer a man and they will never be. He can not remember his own name, mother, or homeland. “You can take away the land, you can take away the wealth, you can take away life, but who invented, who dares to attempt the memory of a man?” – Ana-Bayit asked desperately. A person can not live without memories. To deprive a person of memory is like extracting a heart from him.

In conclusion, I would like to say that every person cherishes his memories. This is the only true value that warms the soul and fills it with the forces to live on.

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Composition on the theme “Memoirs”