“The Warsaw Melody” Zorin in brief

Moscow. December 1946. Evening. Great Hall of the Conservatory. Victor sits down on the empty seat next to the girl. The girl tells him that the place is occupied, since she came with a friend. However, Victor shows her his ticket and describes the girl who sold it to him. In it, Gel – and that’s the name of the girl – finds out her friend. In the interval it turns out that Victor is here for the first time. He tries to find out where Gela came from – she speaks Russian with mistakes and with an accent that betrays a foreigner in her. Victor thinks that she is from the Baltics, but it turns out – from Poland. She and her friend study at the conservatory. She is a singer. Gel is angry that her friend preferred the concert to a walk with a young man.

After the concert, Victor escorts Gel to her hostel. On the way, Gelya tells Victor about himself. Russian taught her father. Victor talks about his life. He is studying for a technologist: he will create

wines. She reads to her poetry Omar Khayyam. Victor wants to meet with her yet and appoints a date.

At the bus stop Victor looks at his watch. Gel appears. Victor tells her that he was afraid that she would not come. He does not know where to go. Gel likes that he is frank, that he has a character. He advises him to understand: every woman is a queen. Negotiating point. An empty hall, Gela is going to talk to Warsaw. While they are waiting for her turn, she tells Victor how she was ill for two days, how she was treated with tea with raspberries. Finally, Gele give the cabin. When she returns, Victor wants to know who she was talking to, but Gela laughs, sorting aloud the names of different young people. It’s nearly midnight. Gela wants Victor to accompany her to the hostel. But Victor does not even think of parting with her and is asking for tea.

The museum. Victor leads here Gel, because they have nowhere else to go: he himself is not a Muscovite. Gelya tells him about the Polish city of Wawel. There is buried the Polish Queen Jadwiga. She was the patroness of the university in Krakow, and all students

still write her notes with requests to help them pass the exam or facilitate their studies. Gela herself also wrote to her. So, behind the conversations, Gela and Victor are walking around the museum, sometimes they go behind statues and kiss.

Dorm room. Gel in his home dressing gown puts the hair in front of the mirror. Victor comes in. Gel zhurit it that he came late: so they can not make it to friends for the New Year’s Eve. Victor brought her a gift-new shoes. Gel in return gives him a new tie, leaves for a few minutes to put on a dress. When Gel comes back, he sees that Victor is asleep. The gel moves away, extinguishes the big light. Then he sits opposite Victor and looks at him attentively. Silence. Slowly they start beating the clock. Twelve. Then, after a while, an hour. Gel continues to sit in the same pose. Victor opens his eyes. Gel congratulates him on the New Year. Victor asks her for forgiveness for having overslept everything. It turns out that he unloaded the cars to earn Gela for a present. Gel is not angry with him. They drink wine, listen to music, dance. Then Gela sings Victor an old merry song in Polish. Victor tells her that she wants her to marry him. He wants to make her happy, so she never was afraid of anything…

The same room. Gel stands at the window with his back to the door. Victor comes in. They have been living in the hostel for ten days, because Gela decided that they need to get used to each other. Victor returned with a tasting. He is cheerful and again speaks with Geli about marriage. Gel is cold with him. She tells him the news: a new law has been issued that prohibits marriages with foreigners. Victor promises the crying Gela to think up something so that they can be together. However, he can not think of anything. Soon he is transferred to Krasnodar, where he has no news about Gel.

Ten years pass. Victor comes to Warsaw. He calls Gele and makes an appointment. Victor says that he came to colleagues, that he became a scientist, defended his thesis. Gel congratulates him and calls to a small restaurant, where her friend Julek Stadtler sings. From there you can see the whole of Warsaw. At the restaurant, Viktor says that he is married after a conversation. Gela is also married. Her husband is a music critic. Stadtler notices Gehlen and asks her to sing. She goes on stage and sings a song that she sang to Victor ten years ago – on New Year’s Eve. When she returns, she tells Victor that when she comes to Wawel, she always writes notes to Queen Jadwiga so that she will return Victor to her. Victor tells her that he remembers everything.

Street. Lamp. Gel escorted Victor to the hotel. He needs to leave already, but Gela does not let him in, saying that he must understand: if he leaves now, they will never see him again. She calls Victor in Sochaczew – it’s not far. Tomorrow Victor will return. But he does not agree, asks her to understand that he is not alone here and can not leave like this, all night. Helena reminds: once he laughed that she was always afraid of everything. Victor replies: this is how life was. Helena says she understands everything, and leaves.

It takes another ten years. In early May Victor comes to Moscow and goes to a concert in which Gela participates. In the intermission, he comes to her in the artistic. She meets him calmly, even rejoices at his arrival. Victor says that everything is going well for him, now he is a doctor of sciences. In Moscow, he is on a business trip. And he broke up with his wife. Helena says that he is a hero. She herself also parted with her husband and even with the second. Her friend Julesk Stadtler died. She says that life goes forward, that everything has its own meaning: after all, she became a good singer. Remarks that now young people even marry foreigners. Then she remembers that she did not rest at all, and the intermission soon comes to an end. He asks Victor not to forget and call her. Victor apologizes for disturbing her, and promises to call. They say goodbye.

Victor’s voice. Victor complains that time is always short. And this is just fine.

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“The Warsaw Melody” Zorin in brief