Composition on the picture of Kuindzhi “Elbrus in the evening”

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi differed from most artists with his technique. He brought in the interior light, air, space. In his paintings at first glance everything seems obvious, but in reality everything is not so simple. This may be due to the very life of the author of many paintings. His life was a complete mystery to those around him.

For others it was not clear his origins, his way of life. There was also a vague break in the creative path, and his incredibly high incomes. But, despite all this, the artist’s paintings are very popular among connoisseurs.

What can I say, looking at the picture “Elbrus in the evening”? The ease and smoothness of the lines show the viewer how simple this world is. But at the same time, the game of colors makes everything very complicated. Very smooth transitions from deep dark colors to the most light and gentle. Arkhip Ivanovich very delicately felt the colors and did a tremendous job, which at first glance is not visible.


was very fond of nature, especially mountains. He has many works written in the Crimean mountains. But the Caucasus occupied a special place in his heart. Lonely peaks, with which one can conduct a mental dialogue about global things. The artist wanted to understand the wisdom that the mountains represent. His goal in writing the picture, he saw the transfer of his natural feelings to the viewer. In my opinion, the author completely coped with the task.

We see the top of the mountain, at the foot of which the gloom begins to reign, the summit still basking in the last rays of the sun. There is no clear outline of the peak. Everything will fade, as if wrapped in a blanket before going to bed. There is a transition from day to night, from light to dark, from something open to secret. Elbrus, who calls to himself, is alone in the distance, he is lonely, but Kuindzhi is already far away from him. Loneliness of the top takes precedence over power and strength, so Elbrus looks abandoned by someone.

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Composition on the picture of Kuindzhi “Elbrus in the evening”