Composition og what is good

Goodness is what comes from the heart. It can not be placed in any frame, giving it an absolutely precise definition, but it can be felt. Goodness is a person’s ability to do unselfish deeds, not expecting gratitude in return.

In the text of EA Permyak, the example of kindness is the actions of the boy Alyosha. Having done good deeds, he did not take pride and brag about them, but preferred to remain anonymous. Grandfather taught Alyosha to be a good person, citing the example of other people’s good deeds, for example, his grandfather called a good man who made a bench in a glade. Grandfather said that this man not only thinks of himself, but also of others, so that all would be well. Alyosha remembered these grandfather’s words. Secretly from his grandfather, he painted this bench, attached a back to it, dug up the columns. Alyosha also painted a gate at the nursery, attached a latch to it, greased the hinges. Having done this work, he did not say anything to his grandfather, even when his grandfather himself asked him if Alyosha knew of this kind master who had made such a beauty. Alyosha answered that this master did not order himself to be called, because he does not like to boast,

Alyosha, having done good deeds, did not wait for praise for them, he took care not only of himself, but also of all people who are resting on this bench, and this is a manifestation of true kindness.

In my life I also often met with kind people. For example, our neighbor in the village always helps one very poor family and does it completely unselfishly. When a hungry child from this family asked her to drink, she brought him no water, and a glass of milk and a delicious bun, and even gave him a whole package of food. In my opinion, this act is the most genuine and sincere manifestation of kindness.

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Composition og what is good