Composition of work

Once I saw a wonderful series from the “Eralash” newsreel, where a boy who did nothing, and at the end of the series turned into a monkey. This finale is absolutely logical, because if a person only eats, drinks and sleeps all day, he simply becomes the most ordinary animal, who does not need anything else.

When we work, we work, we live, making use. And it begins with our early childhood. They played toys – they put them in a basket, fulfilled their duty, and for this parents will praise their children. A little later, the children’s work is added: the dishes are washed, cleaned in the room, sweep the lawn – it takes a very long time, but the result of labor will please, like the eyes of parents and friends, and the child himself.

The main thing is that everything a person does must be done with love. That’s why, after growing up, we should choose a profession for ourselves. After all, if you like to write books – become a writer, and become famous in the world with your composition, you love drawing – become an artist whose pictures will stir people’s hearts. If you want to save people, then at your service the profession of a doctor, responsible, important, but dear to the heart. Equally important are the profession of carpenters, electricians, janitors, cooks – they all bring people benefits, which means they magnify the person, make him necessary for society.

But one can not say that a man is exceptionally hard in work, sometimes he becomes great due to his good deeds, such as St. Nicholas, who lived a long time ago, but was remembered by everyone, because he loved all people and tried to help the poor by throwing them in the windows of gifts. The main thing that you would not do, you do not need to chase after money, fame, recognition or greatness, just do it with all your heart, do what you enjoy, and then sooner or later everything will necessarily happen.

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Composition of work