Composition on Envy

Undoubtedly, one of the worst human qualities is envy, that is, a zealous attitude to the achievements and achievements of other people. It is because of envy in this world that the greatest number of crimes are created, even cases are known where, because of envy, the brother killed his brother. Why is this so? Let’s try to find out.

A person feels envy when one of his acquaintances acquires something that he has long dreamed of when someone is more successful than himself. A person immediately starts something “gnawing”, forcing to do rash actions. One who is jealous can not control his actions, because he always thinks about the advantages and achievements of others, forgetting about his own.

They wrote about envy even in the Bible. Let us recall the story of Cain and Abel, which tells how, because of envy, Cain killed his brother, for which he was forever damned. Or in the drama “Mozart and Solleri” by Alexander Pushkin, which was based

on real events. This work also shows the crushing influence of envy on the person.

People distinguish such a thing as “white envy,” that is, good, not evil. In my opinion, envy can not be this, because if you already feel some excitement because of the achievements of others, then you are jealous, and this can not be good.

Thus, we see that envy really destroys our lives, so we should rejoice at the achievements of others and not forget about our own.

Envy is a zealous attitude to the achievements of others, an unconscious desire to have something that other people have.

Already this very concept causes negative emotions in us and is associated with something unfriendly. But, despite this, they distinguish between “black” and “white” envy.

Although each of us and is aware of its uniqueness and individuality, but does not bypass the opportunity to compare their skills and achievement with the wealth of others. Especially often it is observed in professional activities. In the telecast “Honest Detective” described this situation. An employee

of an advertising agency, envying the talent of the bookcase, replaced her work and gave her away for her own.

Envy – a strong feeling that can blind a person, make him aggressive, capable of ill-considered actions. It is only necessary to recall the episode from the Bible, when Cain killed Abel, his brother. In this case, envy has brought a person to a terrible sin.

Psychologists say that, envious of someone, we subconsciously consider ourselves untenable to achieve the desired. And most often, envy is unjustified, and sometimes even meaningless. So the kid Tsaches, the hero of the fairy tale of Hoffmann’s novel of the same name, encompassed a jealous attitude to the external beauty of a man (he himself was an ugly dwarf).

It is believed that envy can be bright, that is, benevolent. In my opinion, it is this feeling that Colonel Anosov performs (Kuprin’s story “Garnet Bracelet”). He is captured by the uselessness of Zheltkov’s love and rejoices that it was the fate of his niece who was fortunate to know such love.

So, envy – a feeling ambiguous, consists in the desire of a person to share the success of others, to feel that he is able to achieve more.

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Composition on Envy