Biography of Leonid Fedun

Biography of Leonid Fedun

Twenty-second businessman of Russia by Forbes, the owner of the legendary football club “Spartak”, a charismatic leader and an outstanding reformer, both in business and in football. Leonid Arnoldovich Fedun built a dizzying career for an entrepreneur and vice-president of Lukoil, but everything could be completely different.

Leonid Fedun was to become a military man

Ironically, the future owner of the Moscow “Spartacus” was born in Kiev, the hometown of eternal rivals of red and white. Most of Leonid’s childhood was in the town of Leninsk, where his father, Arnold Antonovich Fedun, worked as the chief surgeon. The son of the USSR People’s Doctor Leonid Fedun was brought up in an atmosphere of strictness, order and pedantry typical of the families of military personnel, which influenced his decision to link fate with the armed forces after graduation.

In 1972, he entered the Rostov Higher Military Command Engineering School at the Military-Political Department, and in the late seventies continued his education in the adjuncture at the Military Academy named after FE Dzerzhinsky, where he defended his Ph. D. in Philosophy.

Through lectures – to oil: the fateful trip of Leonid Fedun to the village of Kogalym

Fedun for several years was engaged in teaching political economy and in 1987 he became a lecturer of the All-Union Society “Knowledge”, which sent him to the village of oilmen Kogalym.

This trip becomes decisive for a young and charismatic teacher. After several lectures by a Moscow specialist, the director of “Kogalymneftegaz” Vagit Alekperov notes, and he offers Leonid work in his organization. The fateful appointment served as the beginning of Fedun’s long journey in the oil and gas business.

“Spartacus” years of Leonid Fedun

In 2003, having already taken place as a successful businessman, Leonid Fedun bought FC “Spartak” from Andrei Chervichenko, which, in the opinion of the USSR champion in the “Spartak” team Evgeny Lovchev, saved the club from the fate of the Moscow “Dynamo”. For 14 years, during which Fedun is at the helm of the “people’s team”, “Spartacus” has changed beyond recognition.

Gladiators became silver medalists five times and several millimeters separated them from gold medals several times. Over the years, the infrastructure of the club has been modernized: the reconstruction of the club base has been carried out, the 45 thousandth stadium “Otkrytie-Arena” has been built and the children’s and youth academy of red and white has been reorganized, which today is the best in Russia.

Biography of Leonid Fedun