Composition last call

The last bell has already become a traditional holiday for schoolchildren. He announces the end of the school year. The last bell is a cheerful and at the same time a sad holiday. One he foretells a vacation, and for graduates – a ticket to adulthood, with many surprises, overcoming various life crossroads.

Time flies by unnoticed, before the first bell rang, as you were already at the last. The last call sums up the final line after graduation and becomes the beginning of final exams, passing school practice. For the youngest students – a harbinger of summer vacations. But in any case, the beginning of something new.

All teachers and students gather in the schoolyard or in the assembly hall for a solemn ceremony. On this day, high school students say goodbye to school and childhood. Tomorrow a new life begins for them, full of surprises.

On this day all are festively dressed: the girls are in school uniform, and the boys are dressed in strict suits. Graduates go to the assembly hall along the built corridor of first-graders. At the end of the holiday, high school students give their younger friends from the first class different gifts, mostly school supplies (notebooks, pens, color pencils, drawing albums, etc.).

At the end of the holiday, usually ring the bell, it symbolically depicts a school bell. A first-grader is ringing the bell, which is carried by the eleventh-grader. In the soul of each student flashed concealed sadness about the irretrievable childhood, the last academic year, the joyful moments that occurred within the walls of the school for the outgoing year.

Pupils of graduation classes let out on the street balloons flying high into the sky. And finally they perform their first waltz. Childhood leaves, and adult life awaits.

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Composition last call