Careful attitude to nature writing

Each of us is an integral part of nature. We like to watch the first drop, foreshadowing the beginning of spring; for the first snow, turning the city into a white fairy tale; behind the autumn leaf fall, carpeting the earth with a golden carpet. However, more and more often we forget that all this beauty is very dependent on us, on how we treat it. After all, all this will not happen if people do not stop turning our planet into a big garbage dump.

Yes, we are waiting for spring, but in the spring the snow melts, flaunting everything that people threw at him, thinking that it’s not scary, no one will see it. But we see. This is seen by everyone when the snow has already come down, and the first green can not hide all this garbage. We must treat the surrounding nature, the way we treat our own house, but at home we do not throw unnecessary things on the floor.

It is important to protect nature, because we have to pass this world to our children, who must see it as we see it. For them, the world must be clean. It should not have garbage bags lying along roads. They should not see beer bottles standing at each corner. Our children must learn from us to preserve this world, adopting our useful habit of not littering. If they learn this, they will in turn try to pass on to their children the world that we showed them.

Yours must respect not only the urban nature, but also the forests. Going to rest in the neighboring forest, we are unlikely to be pleased to see there instead of wonderful flowers, terrible plastic bottles, discarded negligent tourists. Especially plastic, as everyone knows, remains in the ground for many years and does not rot. The forests should please us with mighty trees, fragrant plants, clean water of murmuring streams, and not grieve by the mountains of debris left there by people. Let’s take care of nature, because it depends on us!

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Careful attitude to nature writing