Summary of “50 shades of gray” James

One of the most popular literary works of our time is “50 shades of gray”. The short content was read by those who did not have time to read the book in full. Because it is difficult to find a person who has not the slightest idea about this work.

Erotic trilogy

The name “50 shades of gray” is pronounced very often. And many people do not even suspect that this is only the first book of the trilogy. Writer EL James described the continuation of the relationship of the main characters. The second and third books were named “Fifty shades darker” and “Fifty shades of freedom” respectively.

The most scandalous and popular is the first part. She told the readers about the BDSM-direction, which was not so brightly illuminated in contemporary literature before the appearance of the works of EL James.

The first book immediately gained fame. It was bought all over the world. Most often, middle-aged women became buyers

of this work. Because the trilogy humorously nicknamed “Mom’s porn.”

“50 shades of grey”. Summary

In the first part of the trilogy, EL James still introduces readers to his characters. The main heroine of the trilogy was a young college student Anastacia Steel. It is no different from most modern girls. Shy, timid, she works in a student newspaper and rent an apartment with her friend Katherine Kevar. It seems that nothing interesting will happen in her life. But one day Catherine asks Anastacia to help. The girl fell ill and can not interview the famous businessman Christian Gray. Anastacia agrees.

Conversation with a man makes an indelible impression on the main character. Already then she liked it, but the girl carefully discouraged such thoughts, because she believed that she was not a couple for a successful and popular person. Anastacia did not think that one day her path would cross again with Gray’s road. But one day he looks in the construction shop where the girl works. Steele decides to ask the businessman about the photo shoot for the article. The

man agrees. Help to hold a photo session a good friend of Anastacia – Jose.

The academic year is coming to an end. Anastacia and Catherine decide to have fun at a party in honor of this event. But the fun of the girls overshadows Jose, who decides not to tell Anastacia about his feelings in time. A drunk young man only scares a girl. Help it renders the appeared Christian. Anastacia understands that she likes the young businessman. But he does his best not to show his affection. However, later Christian will suggest Anastacia to make a contract, under the terms of which she has no right to tell about everything that she learns about Gray’s personal life.

Wanting to find out what secrets Christian hides, Anastacia begins to discuss with him the contract. Gray admits his love for BDSM. Reading “50 shades of gray,” a summary or retelling, you can understand how surprised Steel experienced. However, the words of the man interested her.

A little later Anastacia will understand what mistake she made. Gray did not just want to practice this direction with his beloved, he needed to control her entire life. However, the girl was not ready to agree to this. Despite the fact that Christian thought himself incapable of falling in love, Anastacia becomes more important to him. He even introduces the girl to his parents.

To better understand his lover, Steele decides to know all the shades of pain, try all that is pleasing to Gray. However, she could not endure all this suffering. The girl decides to leave Gray, although she still loves him.

Was there a Christian Gray

Many fans around the world have “50 shades of gray”. The summary can not make it clear why women fall in love with Christian Gray. But after the last page of the book is read, women want to know if Christian Gray actually existed.

It is believed that the prototype of the character was the Italian businessman Alessandro Proto. With him, the writer James met during her trip to Italy.

Alessandro is sure that some of the facts of his life the writer used to create a biography of his protagonist. However, in the predilection for BDSM, Proto is not recognized. He considers himself to be an old-fashioned person and is not interested in this direction.

Fanfik saga “Twilight”?

A well-known trilogy, the first book of which is “50 shades of gray”, a brief summary of the saga “Twilight” is not similar. However, the writer Eric Leonard James admits that it was this work that inspired her to write.

Initially, the work, which later received the name “50 shades of gray”, was not planned as an independent one. It was just a fanfic to the vampire saga, but only with a complete story change. But then the names of the characters changed. Now the book “50 shades of gray,” a brief summary of her and the characters are not related to the saga that has won the hearts of many teenagers around the world.

“50 shades of gray” on the screen

The popularity of this work has not remained a secret from the film industry. Because fans around the world were invited to see their favorite characters on the big screen. For a long time we could not find actors who could play the main roles. The choice was based on Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

The film – this is only a brief content of the plot “50 shades of gray.” As in the adaptation of any book, many moments will remain behind the scenes. Therefore, everyone is sure that the release of a full-length film will cause a new wave of popularity of books.

The essence of “50 shades of gray” is not easy to convey. As with other books, after reading this work, everyone will discover something special. If the book “50 shades of gray” is not attracted by the plot, the summary will be the only way to find out what is the point.

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Summary of “50 shades of gray” James