“Where was born, there and was fit”

“Now if I lived in America,” sighed my friend, “I would go to Harvard, get a good education, work and I would have a lot of money… And here’s what? Well, tell me, what is waiting for me here?”

The girlfriend, probably, in something is right. Getting a good job is not easy. To America, or something, to leave? To go to Harvard? “It’s funny,” my common sense shouted, “What America, what Harvard?” Where I was born, I was there! “I learned here, here you can find work, and you’ll create a family here!” But the conditions we have… “And what conditions do you need? We have a war? Or hunger? What do you not like about the conditions? If the armless or lazy one is to blame. There’s nothing to blame for the country, for” conditions, “for” the weather ” and everything else! ” It’s extremely difficult to argue with oneself. And in addition you know that

common sense will win sooner or later and all these “if yes kaba…” will fly to pieces. Yes, if you work or study laziness in Ukraine, you will be lazy in Africa…

And why am I here? Why was born in this country? Probably, so it is necessary. Who needs? First of all – me. And the second? Country, parents? Well, the country without me will not become orphaned… Although, if you were born, so live. I can imagine what would happen in the world if everyone were born where he wanted. Probably, the population of the USA, Canada, Switzerland and other such developed countries would have been estimated in billions… I remembered Ray Bradbury’s story “And the Thunder Ran”. People went on a safari in the past. Through the jungle stretches the path from which uninvited guests from the future can not go, so as not to change the course of history inadvertently. One of the hunters stumbled and crushed a butterfly, an ordinary little butterfly, with a foot. Upon returning home, the characters learned that their world has changed completely, even in power is now a different

person. A dead butterfly has broken the balance in the world, “..

A person often interferes in the affairs of Fate, and for this he gets from Fate. And although I do not condemn emigrants, I think that “nevertheless” where he was born, there he was fit. ” Folk wisdom never deceives. I did it because it’s your homeland. You know her, and she’s you. This proverb is akin to the other one – “It’s good where we do not exist.” Choose the country or family in which to be born, is not in our power. We can travel the world, even for a while to live in another country, but you can still “fit” in your own way. So I think.

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“Where was born, there and was fit”