Common questions to the country France

1. Using the text and maps, indicate the nature of France. How does the geographical position affect it?

France is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Well-moistened north-west of the country with a flat relief provides the population of France with basic food products and gives the opportunity to export food products to other countries. The subtropical Mediterranean climate of the southern coasts of France creates unique conditions for the cultivation of subtropical crops and various varieties of grapes. The south of France is a continuous recreational zone.

2. Using the integrated map of Western and Southern Europe, find out how the rural population is changing from north to south. How to explain the differences?

The regularity in changing the occupation of the rural population when moving from north to south is typical for all countries of Western and Southern Europe: with the increase in average annual temperatures and a decrease in the amount of atmospheric precipitation, animal husbandry is gradually replaced by plant growing, the main directions of which are floriculture and viticulture, cultivation of citrus crops.

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Common questions to the country France