Co-operation on the picture Vereshchagin “Mortally wounded”

V. Vereschagin presented his vision of war with the help of the famous canvas “Mortally wounded”. There is nothing attractive about the fact that a person was wounded, and there is no hope that he will not survive. Therefore, anyone who thinks that military actions leads to solving problems is deeply mistaken. I think that a simple excursion through the picture can easily prove it. There remain several important questions. For example, why did the artist choose this particular episode? And what is the benefit of everyone’s ability to extract, looking carefully at the picture?

What is depicted on this canvas? I managed to look only at the smoke from the gunpowder that is hovering around everywhere. The sky is covered by it, soldiers breathe this air. The symbolism is seen in the fact that earlier, about a man who did not serve or did not fight, they said that he did not smell gunpowder. Now it becomes clear that this is literally and figuratively true. The next

thing I noticed was the wall. Most likely, military events take place somewhere in the south. This is confirmed by the shape of the structure, and the ground burnt by the hot sun underfoot, and the dark color of the soldiers’ skin. The bright southern rays of the sun tend to crack down on the armies in their own way. Therefore, the military will also face natural phenomena. But this is not the worst thing for them. There are two people lying on the side. And apparently, they are much larger. A huge number perishes on the battlefield, and not having received in the hope of victory, not seeing the tears of happy news in front of courageous and courageous colleagues. And for what? Who knows, and who will answer this question? Whose goals are driving the masses of the people into clashes?

If to speak in general, then for this situation not to see the personal drama of everyone. Here the soldier runs. He fulfilled his duty, sacrificed his life to war. He has moments left to death, and the crumbs of consciousness, clouded by terrible pain, try to embrace the thought of his imminent death, and about unfinished plans,

and about future dreams that will always remain in the impossible tomorrow. Perhaps he will remember about the family, about the little children left without a breadwinner. Who needs it? After all, those who want to get some benefit from this terrible war are not among the fighters, they do not fight alongside and do not protect their backs to their comrades. The wounded man threw down his gun. His hands and thoughts are engaged in that, at least for a moment to prolong his life. For the sake of your beloved wife, little children, for yourself! The picture is a profound protest to the war, as a phenomenon.

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Co-operation on the picture Vereshchagin “Mortally wounded”