Summary “Marya Morevna”

In a certain kingdom, Ivan Tsarevich lived in a certain state. He had three sisters: Marya Tsarevna, Olga Tsarevna, Anna Tsarevna. Their parents died, and before his death they ordered his son to give out his sisters to those who would first woo.

Once Ivan Tsarevich walked with his sisters in the garden. Suddenly a black cloud appeared in the sky, a terrible storm began. Ivan Tsarevich and his sisters hurried home. They returned to the palace, suddenly a falcon flew into the upper room. He hit the floor, turned into a good fellow. And I asked him to marry him to the princess. Ivan Tsarevich asked his sister if she liked the young dorii. Marya the princess agreed. Soon she married a falcon and flew to his kingdom.

A year has passed. Ivan Tsarevich and his sisters went for a walk. Again a terrible thunderstorm began. Hardly had they returned home, as the eagle flew into the palace. He hit the floor, turned into a good young man. Eagle asked to marry him to Olga Tsarevna.

She agreed and soon flew into his kingdom.

Another year has passed. Ivan Tsarevich went with his younger sister for a walk. A terrible storm began. Hardly had they returned home, as a raven flew into the upper room. He hit the floor and turned into a good fellow. The young man was even more beautiful than the two previous ones. The raven asked to marry her to Anna Tsarevna. Ivan Tsarevich did not interfere, Anna Tsarevna also agreed. Soon she became the wife of a raven and flew away to his kingdom.

For a whole year Ivan Tsarevich lived alone. He became bored, he decided to visit his sisters. He walked for a long time. And he saw a battered army in the field. Ivan Tsarevich asked who had beaten the army. And he was told that Marya Morevna, the beautiful princess, had done it. Ivan Tsarevich went further, there were white tents. Marya Morevna, a beautiful princess, came out to him. She asked where Ivan Tsarevich was holding the way, and invited him to stay. She spent some time with her Ivan Tsarevich, he fell in love with a beautiful princess, and she became his wife.

They began to live, live. But Marya

Morevna began to gather again for the war. She left Ivan Tsarevich to farm, and strictly forbade me to look into one of the closets. As soon as Marya Morevna left, Ivan Tsarevich opened the closet. There was Koschey the Immortal, chained. Kosh asked to get drunk, said that he had not eaten or drunk for ten years. Ivan-tsar-vich gave him a bucket of water. Koshchei drank and asked for more. So Ivan Tsarevich brought him three buckets. And Koshchei returned the lost strength, he broke the chains and took Marya Morevna.

Ivan the Tsarevich cried bitterly and went in search of his wife. For a long time he walked, he saw a wonderful palace. Here he lived a falcon with his wife, the eldest of the sisters Ivan Tsarevich. They cheerfully received his brother, fed him, gave him drink. Ivan Tsarevich stayed with them for three days. At parting they asked Ivan Tsarevich to leave a silver spoon so that they knew how he was doing.

Again Ivan the Tsarevich set out on his way. He walked for a long time. And he saw the palace even better than before. Here lived an eagle with his wife. They joyfully met their brother. At parting they asked to leave a silver fork. Again Ivan the Tsarevich set out on his way. On the way Ivan the Tsarevich saw the palace even more beautiful than the previous ones. Here lived a raven with his wife. They cordially greeted his brother. He stayed with them for three days, they said good-bye to leave a silver snuff-box.

Again Ivan the prince went forward. Finally he found Marya Morevna. She was very glad to see him. And she began to reproach, why he did not listen to her and released Koshchey the Immortal. Ivan Tsarevich decided to free his wife.

In the evening Koschey returned home. His magic horse said that Ivan-tsar-vich had come. And Koshchei galloped after him. Quickly caught up with him. Koschei said that he forgives for the first time. Forgive and for the second time, but the third will kill Ivan Tsarevich. Koshya took Marya Morevna, took her to her room. Long grieved Ivan Tsarevich. Then he returned for his wife. Again he tried to take her away. But Koshchei caught up with them.

Again, Ivan Tsarevich returned for Marya Morevna. Koshchei overtook them. He chopped Ivan Tsarevich into small pieces, put them in a resin barrel. The barrel was secured with iron hoops and thrown into the sea. The son-in-law of Ivan Tsarevich turned silver. They realized that trouble had happened to him. Eagle pulled a barrel from the sea. The falcon brought live water, the raven brought dead water. They cut the barrel, folded the severed Ivan Tsarevich. Crow sprinkled it with dead water, and the body grew together, the falcon splashed alive water, and Ivan Tsarevich came to life. His son-in-law told him everything. Then they went and asked Marya Morevna to find out where Koschey had found such a magical horse. Marya Morevna seized the moment when Koschei was kind, and began to question him.

Koschey said that he received a foal from a magical mare, which belongs to Baba Yaga. In order to receive a foal, Koshchei had to be a shepherd for three days. Baba-Yaga lived at the far end of the earth, in the thirtieth kingdom, beyond the fiery river. Marya Morevna asked how Koschei moved across the fire river. Koschei said that for this he uses a magic handkerchief. It is enough to wave them three times, as a tall bridge will be made through a fiery river.

Marya Morevna remembered everything and gave it to Ivan Tsarevich. She stole a handkerchief from Koshchei and gave it to Ivan Tsarevich. Ivan Tsarevich crossed the river of fire and went to Baba Yaga. On the way I saw an overseas bird with chicks. He wanted to eat one chick. But the bird asked not to touch her children and promised to help in case of need. Ivan Tsarevich went on to see a beehive hive. He wanted to take some honey. But the queen bee asked not to touch honey, promised to continue to help. Then went Ivan Tsarevich, met a lioness with a lion cub.

And again he did not touch the lion cub, for which the lioness promised him help.

Finally Ivan Tsarevich came to Baba Yaga. He asked her for a gallant horse. Baba Yaga said that for this it is necessary to become a shepherd for three days. And if at least one mare disappears, do not take Ivan the prince’s head. The next morning, Ivan Tsarevich drove out into the field of mares. They immediately fled and disappeared. Ivan Tsarevich cried for a long time. Then an overseas bird appeared and said that the mares were already at home.

Baba Yaga was very unhappy, she shouted at her mares, why they returned. The mare said that birds flew at them, they almost pecked out their eyes. And they had to return. Baba Yaga said that next day they would hide in the woods.

The next morning, Ivan Tsarevich drove mares. They scattered in the dense forests. But the lioness helped Ivan Tsarevich, and all the mares returned home. Baba Yaga screamed at them. But the mare responded that any animals had come running at them, almost bursting. And they had to return home. Baba-Yaga told them to hide in the blue sea the next day. The next morning, Ivan Tsarevich drove mares. They ran into the sea. But the bee flew in and helped Ivan Tsarevich. The mare returned home, told Babe-Yage, that they were attacked by bees and began to sting them.

At night, Baba-Yaga fell asleep, Ivan Tsarevich took a foal, saddled it and rode off. He took Marya Morevna and they went together. Koshchei overtook them, he wanted to kill Ivan the prince a saber. But the heroic horse of Ivan Tsarevich struck Koshchei with his hoof and smashed his head. After this, Ivan Tsarevich finished off Koshchei with a club and burned him at the stake.

They returned to their kingdom. And they lived happily ever after.

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Summary “Marya Morevna”