Biography Venus Williams

Venus Williams – tennis player, was born June 17, 1980 in the city of Linwood, California. Biography Venus Williams is best known as the biography of Sister Serena Williams, as well as the five-time Wimbledon winner.

In 2000, Venus was in the lead in women’s tennis. Then she won a single Wimbledon title, the US championship, won at the Sydney Olympics, got a rank in doubles, speaking with her sister at Wimbledon and the Olympics. The victory of Venus at Wimbledon made the athlete the first black champion of these competitions since Althea Gibson.

Famous personality in tennis, Williams also became due to his growth, the strength to win, an unusual for tennis position. She, along with Serena, learned to play on public courts in Compton, California. The coach was their father, Richard, a self-taught tennis player. In 2000, Venus Williams, after his all-conquering company, was named athlete of the year by the magazine “Sports Illustrated”.

In 2001, Venus again won at Wimbledon, the US Championship. In 2005, 2007, 2008 the sportswoman again managed to win the Wimbledon competitions.

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Biography Venus Williams