Summary of “Avdotya Ryazanochka”

Summary of “Avdotya Ryazanochka”

Bylina about Avdotya Ryazanochka reflected a concrete historical event: the merciless destruction of Ryazan in 1237 by Khan Baty. The raids of strangers to Rus continued even after liberation from the Mongol-Tatar yoke, therefore Batu Khan was named in the epic by Bakhmet the Turkish.

Left alone in the ruined enemy of Ryazan, Avdotya Ryazanochka, the “young woman”, went to Bakhmet to Turkish to liberate her compatriots from the enemy’s polonium. Passing “three great outposts” – rivers, deep lakes; clean fields wide and dark forests with a brutal beast, Avdotya appeared to the old King Bakhmet of Turkey. Struck by the courage and bravery of a young woman, he not only gave her the captives of the Ryazan, but also gave him gold. Avdotya returned to

her homeland, “Ryazan emptied”, and on this gold built the city anew. Like the old king Bakhmet Turkish He fought the Russian land, He extracted the old Ryazan-city undergrowth. He stood under the city with his army strength.

Yes, I ruined Ryazan, a city undergrowth,

Ruined Ryazan, the city is empty.

He was in Ryazan princes, boyars all cut down,

Yes, and the princess, boyaryn, then those alive in full sweat,

He broke many thousands of people.

He led somehow full into his Turkish land,

Became on the road three great outposts:

The first great outpost –

He let in rivers, deep lakes;

Another great outpost –

In the pure fields of wide

He became robber thieves;

A third outpost – in the dark forests

He let the beasts of the fierce.

Only in Ryazan in the city

There was one young woman Avdotya Ryazanochka.

She went to the land of Turkish

Yes to the old king to Bakhmet Turkish,

Yes, she went to polon ask.

It was not going on, it was not expensive.

Yes, the rivers are deep, the lakes are wide

She swam swiftly;

And small rivers, large lakes

Yes, whether she wandered wandering.

Yes, did she pass a great outpost,

And the pure fields are wide,


of those about half-gone

(How about half-dead thieves are fierce That they are holding back).

Yes, there was a second great outpost, Yes, those dark forests are dense, The fierce beasts of those about midnight have passed (Yes, about the midnight beasts are fierce Those who are holding up hold).

I came to the land of Turkish

To the old King Bakhmet of Turkey,

Yes, in his chambers are royal.

She puts the cross in a written way,

A bows, then leads a scientist,

Yes, she beats the king with a brow, bowing low:

– Yes, you, Sire King, then Bakhmet is Turkish!

You ruined our old Ryazan-city undergrowth,

Yes you are our princes, boyars of all,

You are our princes, the boyars of those living in full sweated,

You took a lot of people a lot of thousands,

You started full in your Turkish land.

I’m a young woman Avdotya Ryazanochka,

I stayed in Ryazan alone.

I came here to you, I myself kindly pleased:

Is it not possible to let me go to the people

How many captives, Though their own kind, tribe?

Says King Bakhmet of Turkey something:

“You are young Avdotya Ryazanochka!”

How I ruined your old Ryazan undergrowth,

Yes, I princes, boyars, I hacked all,

I princess, boyaryn and those living in full sweat,

Yes, I took a lot of people a lot of thousands,

I started full in my Turkish land,

Became on the road three great outposts:

The first great outpost –

Rivers, lakes are deep.

The second great outpost –

In clean wide fields

He became a cruel robber thief.

Yes, the third great outpost –

In the dark forests, those dense

I let the fierce beasts run.

Yes, tell me, Avdotya’s wife Ryazanochka,

How did you go through these outposts and drive?

The answer is Avdotya’s wife Ryazanochka:

“Ah, you old King Bakhmet is Turkish!”

I’m these great outposts

Passed not by way, inexpensive.

As I have rivers, deep lakes –

I swam swim.

And the pure fields are wide.

Thieves, robbers –

Those, I’m about half-past

(About half the thieves are robbers

They are holding the oboch).

Dark forests, then, fierce beasts –

Those I passed at midnight (About midnight beasts are fierce Those who are defending hold).

Yes, whether those speeches to the king prplyubilisya, says old King Bakhmet Turkish something:

– Ah, you, young woman Avdotya Ryazanochka!

Yes, I was able to speak with the king,

Yes, you can ask the king for a piece of his head, and then he will not have a head for more than a century. Yes, the young woman Avdotya Ryazanochka says:

“Ah, you old King Bakhmet is Turkish!”

I will marry with my husband and make money.

Yes, I will have a father-in-law – I’ll be called a priest,

Whether there will be a mother-in-law – I shall begin to call my mother,

But I will have a daughter-in-law to them.

Yes, I’ll live with my husband – I’m my son’s face,

Yes, I will-I will nurse-my son will be with me.

May she call me mother.

Yes, I’m a son to my wife and take my daughter-in-law,

May I also be heard by my mother-in-law.

And yet I will live with my husband,

Yes, and my daughter give birth.

Yes, I’ll remember-I will-I will have a daughter,

May she call me mother.

Yes, I will give my daughter in marriage,

Yes, I will have a son-in-law,

And I’ll be a mother-in-law.

And do not get me something that will be a head,

Yes, dear brother of a loved one.

And I can not see my brother forever.

Yes, whether those speeches to the king fell in love, He said something to his wife these are the words:

– Ah, you, young woman Avdotya Ryazanochka!

You knew how to ask a king for a head,

Yes, someone did not make money and will be forever.

When I was ruining your old Ryazan-city undergrowth, I princes, boyars, all picks up, And princesses, boyaryn I of those living in full pobrel, I took many people to the crowd,

Yes, they killed my dear brother beloved,

Do not make me a brother will be a century and forever!

Yes you, young wife Avdotya Ryazanochka,

You take your people your

Yes, take him to Ryazan to one.

Yes for your words for being cautious

Yes, take your gold coffers

Yes, in my own land in Turkish,

Do you take as much for yourself as you need?

Here’s Avdotya’s wife Ryazanochka

I took a people polonny-something,

Yes, and she took the gold coffers

Yes from that land from the Turkish,

Yes, how much she needed.

Yes, the people brought something

Yes in that Ryazan in the deserted,

Yes, she built Ryazan-city in a new way.

Yes since that time Ryazan has become glorious,

Yes since that time Ryazan has become rich,

Yes, here in Ryazan Avdotino the name was exalted.

And that’s how it ended.

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Summary of “Avdotya Ryazanochka”