Andrei Andreevich Voznesensky. Biography

Andrei Andreevich Voznesensky. Biography

The life and work of AA Voznesensky in dates and facts

1933, May 12 – the birth of the poet in Moscow in the family of scientific workers. His father is Andrey Nikolayevich Voznesensky, a participant in the construction of the largest hydroelectric power plants – the Bratsk, the Ingursky.

1941-1945 – evacuation to the Trans-Ural Kurgan. Early interest in poetry.

1952-1957 – studying at the Moscow Architectural Institute.

1958 – publication in the Literary Gazette of the first collection of poems.

1959 – the first poem of the “Master”.

1960 – collections “Mosaic” and “Parabola”.

1961 – a trip to America.

1962 – a collection of “40 lyrical

digressions from the poem Triangular Pear.”

1963 – trip to France, performance in Paris.

1964 – the beginning of creative cooperation with the Theater on Taganka. The premiere of the play “Antimirs.”

1963 – collection “Achilles heart”.

1969 – the poem “Avos”.

1975 – collection of poems “Oak Leaf Cello”.

1976-1981 – collections of poems “The Stained Works of the Master”, “Temptation”, “Selected Lyrics”, “Uncorrupted”, the book “The Rav”.

1982-1983 – creation of the work “O” with the subtitle “Rhymes of Prose”, the publication of memoirs “I am fourteen years old.” The output of the collected works in three volumes.

1984-1998 – compilations “Foremen of the Spirit”, “Axiom of Self-search”, “Videums”, “In the virtual wind” /, “Stradivarius of Compassion”.

1994 – election as an academician and honorary member of ten world academies, including the Russian Academy of Education, the American Academy of Literature and Art, the Bavarian Academy of Arts, the European Academy of Poetry.

2010, June 1 – the poet’s death

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Andrei Andreevich Voznesensky. Biography