Biography of Coco Chanel

Biography of Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is one of the most legendary French couturiers.

Biography Coco Chanel) began August 19, 1883 in the French city of Saumur, located in the department of Maine and Loire, on the right bank of the Loire. Gabrielle was the second daughter of a traveling salesman Albert Shanel and Jeanne Devolu. Because the Coco family was not rich, she was born in a nursing home. The employees of this institution were not literate, and when one of the employees of François Poytu did not know how Chanel was recorded, he made a mistake and wrote down the girl as Chasnel.

Koko had two sisters, Julian and Antoinette, as well as three brothers Alphonse, Lucien and Peter. Coco Chanel herself points out that she herself was born in Auvergne in 1893, thereby taking 10 years of her life from

her, but this “theory” does not confirm anything.

At the age of 12, there were mourning events in the biography of Coco Chanel – her mother was dying from tuberculosis, and her father left the family, as he now needed to earn a lot of money to support the family. Therefore, the children from the Chanel family had to spend seven years in an orphanage at the Catholic monastery in Aubasin. Here Koko is mastering the sewing skill, and during the holidays spent with
her relatives, she deepens her knowledge of the sewing business, due to the “departure” from the monastic style of clothing. At the age of eighteen, Koko started working at a local sewing workshop. Here, and a turning point in the biography of Coco Chanel, she met with the French millionaire Etienne Balsan, and soon after they met, they open a common cause.

Etienne and showed Coco what it means to live a rich life, endowing it with various diamonds, dresses, pearls. At this time, she got carried away with hats, this hobby, by the way, will help her to come to fame. After the break with Etienne, she moved to Paris, where in 1913 she opened her first store, where she could buy fashionable raincoats and jackets. But since this store was not located in the “heart” of Paris, she quickly went bankrupt, but thanks to a strong

character she did not give up. In these pre-war years, Coco Chanel meets another person who changed her life. It was Arthur Capel, in which she falls in love very quickly. Thanks to Arthur, she opens a store of ladies’ caps in the district of Brittany. These caps very much liked the French cinema celebrities of those years, and her business quickly went up.

It is known that Coco Chanel avoided her biography, and she had to change it in every possible way. So she told me that after the death of her mother, my father moved to America, where he became quite wealthy, and she herself had to live with her cold aunts who plagued her throughout all her youth. In 1920, another event took place in the life of Coco Chanel. She meets the outstanding Russian composer Igor Stravnitsky, who was forced to leave Bolshevik Russia, and Koko provided her apartments to Igor Fyodorovich for the first time.

In 1923, in the first magazine about the fashion of Harper’s Bazaar, an article appeared about Coco Chanel. In this article, Koko says she’s used to making clothes comfortable for women, that most fashion designers are men, and they make very uncomfortable clothes. Criticizing them, she suggested that male designers dress up clothes that they themselves made, and make sure how much it is hard. Thus, Coco Chanel opened a new trend in the modeling business, aimed at simplifying clothes.
It is impossible not to note the event that occurred in the biography of Coco Chanel in 1921. At this time she, together with the Russian emigrant Ernst Bo, made a revolution in perfumery. Their perfume Chanel No. 5 became the first polyaromatic perfume, because earlier all spirits were monoaromic, and were made only from one smell – a flower.

In 1925, there is another significant event in the life of Coco Chanel: with the help of Vera Lombardi, she opens the Chanel House.
After the outbreak of the Second World War, Coco closes all his stores, calling this time “not the time of fashion.” And she settles in the hotel Ritz, and lives there for about 30 years. Hotel Ritz was for her home, even when Paris was occupied by the Nazis. In these troubled times, Koko herself was forced to spend time in prison, because she was in close contact with Vera Lombardi, who was caught in complicity with the British special services.

After the war, she was forced to move to Switzerland. Koko returns to Paris only in 1954 and produces a new collection of clothes that the French public did not support, as many were convinced of Chanel’s connection with the Nazis.
Coco Chanel died of a heart attack, at the age of 87, on January 10, 1971 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Biography of Coco Chanel