Biography of Yaroslav the Wise

Yaroslav the Wise – Grand Duke of Kiev.

The year of Yaroslav’s birth is not exactly known, but according to the conventional wisdom he was born in 978, although some historians deny it. Yaroslav’s father was Vladimir Svyatoslavich, mother – Rogneda Rogvolodovna.

Even in his youth in the biography of Yaroslav the Wise, the title of Rostov prince was obtained. It is believed that at this time the city of Yaroslavl was founded. After Vysheslav’s death in 1010, Yaroslav became a Novgorod prince.

If we consider the brief biography of Yaroslav the Wise, then the period of wars with Brother Svyatopolk soon followed. Several battles took place for Kiev. After that, in 1019, Yaroslav became the Grand Duke of Kiev.

The struggle for Kievan Rus began between Yaroslav and Mstislav. In 1034 the Novgorod prince became Vladimir the son of Yaroslav. Only after the sudden death of Mstislav Yaroslav returned to Kiev from Novgorod. In 1036 he finally settled in Kiev. After that, in the biography of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, several successful military campaigns were carried out. For 37 years, Yaroslav remained Grand Duke. He founded several monasteries, cathedrals. Yaroslav the Wise died in February 1054.

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Biography of Yaroslav the Wise